Wednesday, January 16, 2013

AtheismPlus' favorite word

If you take a look at the Atheism+ subreddit, you get this in the sidebar, as the rules:
Comments: Atheism+ is intended to be a safe space, and submissions that violate the spirit of that goal will not be tolerated. This includes harassment, trolling, personal attacks, and hostile posts alluding to ethnicity, skin color, gender, and sexual orientation/identity. Oppressive, sexist, ableist, sizeist and objectifying language is expressly unwelcome. There are ample other places on reddit to play those games, and if you disagree with the whole concept, there's even a place for that. Offending posts will be deleted, and deliberate or repeated offenses will result in warnings and/or banning.
Let's dissect a few words here.

Ableist - what is ableism? Dictionary definition: "favoring people who are not challenged: discrimination in favor of those who are not physically or mentally challenged"

Words like "slow", "stupid" or "derp" are considered ablelist. So don't use them on AtheismPlus forums. SRSly.

What words are encouraged, and always get a free pass?

"Fuck you."

Yes, "Fuck you." In a land of trigger warnings, talks about sexism, and whatever politically correct winds of the day, apparently wishing someone would get fucked is not a problem.

PC English, what a language.

Don't believe me? Look it up on Google.

One of the first hits is a thread titled: "Forum Language"

kr¥ton (a now banned user!) writes: (emphasis mine)

I have been lurking for some time and decided to register just to make this post. i may continue to contribute, i may not.
The language on the forum is not to my taste and is often overly foul and evocative of violent sexual imagery. You do yourselves no favours and give no credibility to your arguments by peppering your posts with F's and by having this in house competition where each poster tries to out-outrage the last person, invariably by swearing as if to say "I swore, i must therefor care greatly about this issue". By using this foul language you don't make A+ as accesible as it would otherwise be, because a lot of people will be put off by the way sexual expletives are thrown around on here. 
Just an FYI, think about it. 
The mods chime in, almost in order:

piegasm (mod)
Please read and understand the global announcements which can be found at the top of every subforum. Tone-policing is strongly discouraged here. Your concern is noted.
SubMor (mod)
Swearing is the best goddamn poetry known to man. I'm sorry you disagree. Welcome to the forums, anyway.
OP asks for specifics:
Do you have a link to where this is spoken about? I looked in a couple of subforums but couldn't see anything about the use of sexual expletives to make a point.
It's not so much the tone of a post i find offensive, it's the frequent use of violent sexual language. Of course i wouldn't want people prevented from being passionate about something, i just think the words they use to express it could be more intelligently selected and the policy of the forum should include encouragement for them to do that.
SubMor, out of interest, would your view include gratuitous use of the C word? Is that the best poetry known to man, or would it not be permitted?
 piegasm responds first:
It is in the global announcements at the top of every subforum. General profanity is fine. Slurs are not. Telling people they're using the wrong language is tone policing.
Let me get this straight. Category A is OK, Category B is BAD, but categorization itself is wrong...

Nice logic there.

ischemgeek asks the tough questions:
Furthermore: How the hell is "fuck" violent? Please explain. It's vulgar and crude, yes. Violent how? 
Yes, what could be violent about fucking? Ever?

Grimalkin chimes in:
Finding something offensive because it makes you clutch your pearls != being triggered by actual slurs
Ah, so here we're getting to the meat here - people are only triggered by actual slurs.

Abuse victims that are aided by putting "trigger warning" are triggered by the following:
  • Gendered slurs (cunt, bitch, etc)
  • Ablelist slurs (stupid, dumb, retard, derp)
  • Limericks
But they are not bothered at all by:
Safe space indeed.

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