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AtheismPlus looks in the mirror


Topic: Jen McCreight has moved past Internet Atheism, ...

jennifurret tweets: https://twitter.com/jennifurret/status/285809308401270784

Jennifer McCreight ‏@jennifurret
I'm sick of writing about feminism because I know too many people who have become Portlandia's feminist bookstore parody
There are other interesting tweets there too expressing her frustration with (my terrible paraphrasing) organized or Internet feminism, which I also interpret to mean atheism plus.

Have we gone too far? I don't feel that myself, but well some of the threads around here do not express the feelings of tolerance and support for others I had thought atheism plus was about several months ago.

I do note though that as a white, attractive, young, grad student, perhaps Ms. McCreight needs to check her privilege when comparing feminism to the "Portlandia feminist bookstore." - SkepticalJay

Hmmm... is she right? Or just privileged?

First response - let's not talk about this!

thanks for your input. what do you want? - ceepolk

 Step 1: Deny her importance:

What did Jen McCreight found? Internet feminism? - Sylia Sybil
Step 2: Deny the implication:
and also making a lot of assumptions based on a no-more-than-140 character tweet. - Sun Countess
Step 3:  Accept the premise, but defect blame on unmentioned people:

...so I looked up the portlandia feminist bookstore sketch.
Here's the gist of what a bookstore feminist is, far as I can see; Sex negative, slut shaming, critical of other women, too lazy to put any real effort towards change or help people. The kind that *could* do intersectional work, but they can't reeaally help, that would just be too haaard...
So, shit feminists. Jen is saying that she's tired of shit feminists getting in the way of good feminism.
In other news, water is wet, the sky is blue, and you're only here to stir shit by posting things with no context in order to make it seem like Jen has suddenly converted to being an MRA or something, as opposed to, y'know... just *still* not liking shit feminists.
EDIT: If this tweet illustrates anything that's not "Water is wet" tier, it's that apparently more and more sex-negative slut-shaming non-intersectional feminists are popping up when Jen encounters feminists. As much as I think "ZOMG, JEN HAS ABANDONED FEMINISM THE END IS NIGH" is a stupid, trolly topic, it might be worth discussing why she might feel this way. But that would still be trying to glean Jen's entire outlook on Feminism from a single tweet without consulting her, so... yeah, no.  -Grimalkin

OP brings up Jen's other tweets:
Jennifer McCreight ‏@jennifurret
@JerryConlon @eclint leave me alone. I haven't looked at the atheism+ forums since they were made. I don't care. I've moved on from atheism

Jennifer McCreight ‏@jennifurret 
@D4M10N No, hence why I have nothing to do with it. I can't stand any of you atheists any more, even the "liberal" ones

Jennifer McCreight ‏@jennifurret 
@idebunkforme @JerryConlon @eclint I'm still an atheist, I'm just sick of the atheist movement

And then finally a bit of compassion:
 think it would be more accurate to describe Jen McCreight as the instigator or initiator rather than the founder. I don't recall seeing much if any input from her after the initial blog post and comments that got things started. Images that come to mind are the match that starts the bonfire or the seed crystal dropped into a supersaturated solution.
I also can't blame her if she is burned out on activism whether feminist, atheist or both. She has been through a wringer over this and she also has a career and family to consider, etc. -emptyell
And finally some well wishing...

I'm saddened to see that Jen will no longer be involved in feminism or atheism. She's been very inspirational too me.
It's the fanatics(Portlandia and MRA types) that make it hard to make positive changes in the world. 
I hope she finds happiness going forward! 
I find that bookstore vaguely familiar, I think I was in a bookstore like that in Soho once. -Orenda

After all this, what did the regulars at the Atheism+ forum learn?
  1. Nobody really started the forum, the universe birthed it
  2. Nobody is truly irreplaceable
  3. Atheism+, in the name of being inclusive, can jettison whoever they want with no apologies
  4. Atheism+ is tough work and burnout is a real problem
  5. Feelings of apostates need not be considered whatsoever

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