Friday, January 18, 2013

Morally appropriate foods

Topic title: Social-justice-aware eating (nutritively. low-budget?)

Eat local, to save on transportation expense and carbon footprint! --Have fun finding a balanced diet in only local foods, especially if one's diet cannot contain major food groups.

Eat vegetarian/vegan, to reduce total energy going into one's food and number of animals killed! --Not possible without considerable exploitation, see also the quinoa thread. (EDIT: Geez, there is actually a "quinoa thread")

Eat organic, because who knows what nasties might be in one's food otherwise, in particular insecticides! --Some of us don't have that sort of money for the food budget.

Don't consume coffee and chocolate [and other foods? I'm only sure of these two] that don't use fair-trade beans! --Money again, and which fair-trade labels are the honest ones again?

Cook everything oneself, to assure food safety! --Who's got the time? Often, who's got the money? And in a household with mixed-gender adults, guess who usually gets landed with the task?

Grow as much as possible in one's own backyard, to assure food safety and really minimize transportation expenses! --Yeah, going back to a society where we're all farmers, that'll work well. Especially for those of us who buy plants that are sold as ridiculously easy to keep alive and then can't keep them alive.

Basically I am looking for opinions on how to eat without worsening any of the societal problems associated with the typical USA diet, without shortchanging myself on nutrition (at least no more than I already of the many things that I resolved to fix this year and haven't got started on), and without increasing my food budget (much). My personal situation is that I'll have financial room to maneuver starting the paycheck after my May car payment (that being the last car payment), and if I can't cook it with a microwave then I can't cook it at work, but everything before this sentence has broader applicability and I doubt I'm the only one who wants to know.

This is great.

This is really great.

But what the fuck does this have to do with atheism again?

Join your local food zealots organization. It's not like they don't exist. Maybe some of them are Catholics - who cares?

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