Tuesday, January 1, 2013

PZ deflects attention from his own stupidity

Thunderf00t posted a video where he dissects PZ's behavior over the last year or so.

How does PZ react?


Contained within:

  1. Discussion of where the video has been reposted
  2. Rebuttals of anonymous comments left on the reposted site
NOT contained within:

  1. Rebuttal of Thunderf00ts points
  2. Rebuttal of anyone that isn't completely anon

And then:

For some reason, none of this entices me to watch Thunderf00t’s video.

So PZ won't watch Thunderf00t's video, but he would read 4chan for hours on end if it happens to be reposted there.

Got it.

Update: It gets better, he comments on his own blog:

If someone tells me that Thunderf00t’s video has some new, original, legitimate argument that isn’t the same ol’ “let me gnaw on women’s legs” shit; if Thunderf00t ever has as much influence on this issue as Comfort or Ham do on creationism; if I’m ever looking for major lolz and don’t have tendinitis stabbing me with a flaming dagger in the heel all day long; then maybe I’ll bother with watching it.
Telling me I have some kind of obligation to watch every asshole banging on about me on youtube is ridiculous. Have you noticed how many of those cretins are out there, and how repetitive and ‘noxious their claims are? Tf00t is only one of thousands, and he’s got less credibility on issues of equality than some random mullethead yanked out of a Hooters and put in front of a camera.

So he won't  address Thunderf00t directly (because Ray Comfort!) but he will address comments on some random men's rights forum nobody has heard of.

Stay classy, PZ.

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