Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rebecca Watson calls person on twitter 'angry virgin'


Notice the inability to accept any wrongdoing whatsoever. Mature leadership by example!

Copy of text for when it is inevitably deleted: (posted 30 Dec 12)

Indeed. Ditto this angry virgin: http://bit.ly/YBqnc1 RT @tkingdoll: People who are happy don't say things like that. Poor guy.

@rebeccawatson @tkingdoll maybe we shouldn't shame men by calling them virgins. It's a harmful idea that men must have sex to be worthwhile

@ChanaMessinger @rebeccawatson @tkingdoll Good call. Let's shame assholes for being assholes, not by things that non-assholes can share.

@ImprobableJoe @ChanaMessinger @tkingdoll The shame was for being an angry virgin.

@rebeccawatson @ChanaMessinger @tkingdoll Shouldn't just shame just be about the irrational rage, rather than the lack of sexual experience?

@ImprobableJoe @rebeccawatson @ChanaMessinger It’s midnight here in London, so you’ll have to do this without me!

@ImprobableJoe @rebeccawatson @tkingdoll Yes, very much so.

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