Thursday, January 31, 2013

Skepchick supports child abuse

It's not an entirely accurate title, but it's surely a title Rebecca Watson would find herself writing.

Getting on with the show - it turns out that one of Skepchick's favorite sci-fi conventions, DragonCon, may have an alleged child abuser on its payroll.

The man apparently rakes in $150k a year, refuses to have his share bought out by the organization's other owners and people are calling for a boycott.

What is the opinion of Skepchick? It reads:

"I’m not saying that I or Skepchick as a whole will definitely be boycotting DragonCon, as it’s something I have to think a lot about. But I do hope that DragonCon’s leadership will take this seriously and do the right thing, and save us all from a difficult decision. 
I’ve been informed that due to a legal battle between Kramer and DragonCon, DragonCon may be legally prohibited from defending themselves publicly at this time. I’ll be interested to hear their defense when they can state it."

Yes. If you can believe it, Rebecca Watson is playing 'wait and see' in regards to alleged child abuse. 

This is the same person that apparently can't imagine herself purchasing a Richard Dawkins or Michael Shermer book because, well, patriarchy.

The story doesn't end here. Her previous wrap-up post about DragonCon is hilarious.

In her post, she has a picture of herself in "gender-bending Star Wars" outfits. The cosplay is strong in this one.
"Yesterday, I booked a (double!) room at a nicer hotel for next year. Hooray for planning ahead!"

So, Skepchick could keep the 2013 reservation, and potentially be supporting a child molester. The same abuser they've already been throwing money at for several years. Likely more money than they've ever given any one 'patriarchal' secularist author.

Or Skepchick could cancel. But that would mean giving up an opportunity to dress up like an Ewok in public!

Alas, so much to think about. The trials and tribulations of the Skepchick.

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  1. I love the fact that Watson booked a ‘guaranteed single' room. Very apt.