Monday, February 25, 2013

Turkey: Progressive Feminist Paradise?

Much has been said about objectification and the feminist utopia.

When is someone going to stop talking and get us there?

Turns out Turkey is moving in... some... direction.

At issue: Turks Debate Modest Dress Set for Takeoff

First things first - sure, 1970s flight attendant uniforms now seem ridiculous on dolls let alone grown women.

However, perhaps making women look like walking rectangles is going a little too far in the other direction.

The way forward might be to allow for variation in dress rather than one-style-fits-them-all.

The comments on the article are funny:

"oldgreymare" from Seattle writes:

Too bad there are so many political ramifications surrounding the proposed new dress standards. If the motive was simply to promote female modesty rather than Islamic subjugation of women, I would wholeheartedly support it. Western cultures in particular sorely need a dose of modesty in women's clothing, including a return to skirts. Baring one's body is not liberation for women, but merely a perpetuation of the objectification of the female form.  
What is especially odd about this is that women flight attendants on U.S. airlines dress almost this conservatively. Their skirts may be a bit shorter than the Turkish sample, but their chests are covered as are most of their arms. When they wear pants, they are respectably loose.

Lisa from Los Angeles adds:
I think they are elegant and functional. Time to stop treating women as objects. Note: I love to wear a short skirt in the appropriate venue. A place of business, such as an airplane, is not an appropriate venue for wearing revealing clothing that limits the employee's movements. Flight attendants are not runway models, they are there to ensure the safety of the passengers and to provide a valuable service. They also need to ensure that their authority is not undermined by a message that they are just there to look attractive to the passengers. Their attire should be appropriate for the job and should convey their positions of authority. 

It is quite strange that what is found to be objectifying is that a uniform is attractive, not that a uniform exists. If you want people to appear like interchangeable cogs, then make them all wear the same things!

The battle against tight pants continues...

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