Sunday, March 31, 2013

PZ asks: Why not more people at secular conventions?

PZ ponders aloud:
I hear that the big American Atheists conference in Austin had an attendance of about 900 [...] 
But…perspective. I’m at a middling-to-good-sized [science fiction] convention, which is one of the larger regional events. 
Attendance, I’m told, was about 3000 people. Costs for the two events were roughly comparable to attendees. There’s absolutely no comparison with the big national events like Comic-con and Dragon*Con. 
I’m sorry, but I think secularism, humanism, and atheism are of greater relevance to people than comic-books. What can we do to grow our audience?
Yes, what can we do to grow the audience? Besides do whatever Adam Lee tells us to...

Why are ComicCons, sci-fi cons so popular?

Why are secular conventions so hopeless in comparison?

  1. There is a particular audience that thinks cosplay is more interesting than panels about 'misogyny' in some online forum they've never heard of. Go figure.
  2. It seems documenting every negative interaction you have at a secular conference on your blog has a negative effect on attendance numbers.
  3. Turns out that "we have a harassment policy" is not a winner of a tag line.
  4. When SkepChicks support DragonCon so much they can't bring themselves to immediately cease supporting a child abuser, we may have a problem.
  5. Skepchick has always embedded its alcohol-fueled love fest in sci-fi convention CONvergence, which is really a terrible statement in regards to the status of typical 'skeptic' conventions.
The terrible reality is that the PZ Myers "FreeThought" bloggers have completed their coup d'etat of the secular community. Everybody not on board with their program is labelled a 'misogynist' or 'harasser'.

What is the result?

The result is conventions that even PZ Myers would skip then to gain the opportunity to meet the cast of Firefly or get a glimpse of some young ladies dressed up as Wonder Woman.

It's a really sad state of affairs.

While Christians now have "ChristianMingle", secularists have Systemic Rape Culture brought to you by the Twitter Evildoers. 

How can PZ even be seen supporting science fiction tropes that are obviously creations of the patriarchy?

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  1. I went to this event Friday night. It featured Richard Dawkins, who is a rapey misogynist because he thinks FGM is kind of a bigger deal than some privileged white western woman being on the receiving end of a clumsy pass, and Lawrence Krauss, who is a child sex trafficker because... well, the aforementioned privileged white western woman says so.

    Oh, and the auditorium - which has a capacity of over 3000 - was full. Draw your own conclusions!