Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Does FreeThoughtBlogs support AtheismPlus?

One of NonStampCollector's claims in his final post was that FreeThoughtBlogs may not uniformly support Atheism+.

When you have as many writers as FreeThoughtBlogs does, it's likely there is at least some dissent. Right?

Below is a version 1.0 of trying to answer "Does this blogger support Atheism+?" for each blogger, which seems to be an interesting enough question. If you know better than the table does, please include details in the comments and the table will hopefully see some updates.

A Citizen of EarthUnknown
A Million GodsNo
Ace of CladesUnknown
Alethian WorldviewUnknown
Almost DiamondsYes
Ashley MillerUnknown
Assassin ActualUnknown
Black SkepticsUnknown
Blag HagFounder of Atheism+
Blasphemous BloggingUnknown
Brute ReasonYes
Butterflies and WheelsYes
Comradde PhysioProffeUnknown
Cristina RadUnknown
Dispatches from the Culture WarsProbable
En Tequila Es VerdadUnknown
Greta Christina's BlogYes
Lousy CanuckYes
Mano SinghamUnknown
Maryam NamazieUnknown
Near-Earth ObjectUnknown
No Country for WomenUnknown
Reasonable DoubtsUnknown
Richard Carrier BlogsYes
Rock Beyond BeliefUnknown
Sincerely, Natalie ReedYes
The Atheist ExperienceYes
The Crommunist ManifestoNo (*)
The Digital CuttlefishUnknown
The ZingularityUnknown
This Week in Christian NationalismUnknown
Token SkepticUnknown
Zinnia JonesUnknown


  1. All the "unknowns" are probably too afraid to say anything about the subject.

  2. "Pharyngula Unknown"


  3. Ouch, good catch. Updated the table! Thanks!

  4. Million Gods ... Nope
    Brute Reason ... Miri is on A+ forum so yes
    AXP ... More than one person. Dillahunty does, do all the others?

    Just realised this is pretty old... Update your info!

  5. Post updated!

    Dillahunty does, and Glasser does as well - his interactions with Carrier can be given as evidence. They are probably the two most famous AXP folks...

    Any more?