Saturday, May 11, 2013

Atheism Plus: Where everyone knows your name

So one of the champions of all things good has been a character known as "oolon". 

oolon is the one behind @The_Block_Bot, a Twitter utility that allows users to block many critics of Atheism Plus with just a few short clicks. Another utility created by oolon retweets certain hashtags, so long as they are not sourced by people on the block list.

It's quite clear that oolon is a person that fits within a core group of A+ fans. More than simply going to bat for them in comment threads, he's contributed his creativity and technical skills to actually achieve worthy goals in the eyes of the Atheism+ community. People like oolon give Atheism+ the capability to park a domain name, set up forums, and maintain a presence.

Online barnacles like the independently controlled A+ forums and the shielding the block bot allows give the group a modicum of staying power after being jettisoned by larger organizations. There a lot of good reasons that Atheism+ fanboys do not bring their 'social justice' into the light of day on a forum not owned by an ally.

Here's the funny part: a lot of 'social justice' and 'feminist' warriors know oolon's name. And they think he's a bit of a dick.

Here is oolon introducing himself on the Atheism Plus forum:
Been lurking a little, thought I'd better say hello. I'm a cis white male from the UK, I live in [redacted]
Disclosure, I am a little argumentative, in fact I had second thoughts about joining here since it is meant to be a safe space. So if I'm being annoying on a thread just tell me to shut up and I'll go away, honest
On that subject a clarification... I saw there has been a little discussion on the Slymepit and elsewhere that I may be this oolon 
-> ... ism%20Plus
I'm not, any more than I was this oolon 
-> ... ying-cunt/ 
oolon is a common nym, so I'll only own up to comments that link to Until the trolls copy that too. Err and yeah - I do post on the Slymepit sometimes - not to hate on anyone, not even the Slymepitters.
Here oolon distances himself from his imposters, but goes far to admit he might say some ridiculous things.

And, in true Atheism Plus fashion, moderators immediately put him on notice.

From 'Lovely':
If you follow the rules you'll likely be fine. And if you've been lurking for a while, you probably have read those rules and took to heart the whole "lurk more" advice given to a lot of people. 
And 'Pteryxx':
You're also this oolon: ... ent-323126and this oolon: ... ent-324407So yeah, seconding Lovely with the eyebrow thing. Just note that talking about how the Slymepit perceives everything is not a priority here, or even much of a concern. If that's what you're planning to post about, I for one would rather not hear about it.

oolon tries to clarify:
You do realise I'm not a fan of the Pit?
And mod 'Pteryxx' keeps hypersensitive guard up:
I'd say we'll all soon find out, won't we?

The thread is entertaining, but it isn't as good as PZ Myers' review of oolon:
Oolon: I know you’re not very bright or thorough, but if you looked at the last link in my post, it takes you to an article I wrote directly addressing his ‘apology’, at length. 
Do try to keep up.

It may be that this sort of thing is only interesting for those that saw the jettison of EllenBeth Wachs, Julian, and PZ's support of his brigade of jerks.

Here oolon has added his name to the long list of white guys and girls in the fight for 'social justice' and a more inclusive secularism.

How do they fight for inclusiveness?

By despising one another.

Atheism Plus: the friendly community wherein everyone has committed the original sin of being a complete dick.

How will the Women in Secularism conference go with this drama as a background?

Will everyone leave as friends, or will some leave with the labels 'sister punisher' or 'chill girl'?

While pondering these questions, it's important to atone for one's own injustice as oolon would.

Now, do three Hail Marys and check your privilege.


  1. Hehe thanks for the review... Hoggle beat you to it though. You are a little slow in your "investigative journalism".

    "Here's the funny part: a lot of 'social justice' and 'feminist' warriors know oolon's name. And they think he's a bit of a dick."
    --> Can't disagree with that. Would you see this as a downside in some way. Are you the sort that craves universal approval from his peer group? Maybe some projection going on here!

    "It's quite clear that oolon is a person that fits within a core group of A+ fans"
    --> I'm a fan of A+, but its not aimed at me, beyond the wish for privileged fellas like me to be more welcoming to the marginalised. I agree with the goals of A+ but its a stretch to consider me any sort of "core" of the forum let alone the movement. I'm a SJ newbie through and through.

    If you were paying attention you'd realise the origin of the block bot was from an idea of Aratina Cage's. This was before it became an A+ project.

    Very funny that you dug out PZs old review of me, especially as he was factually wrong. I managed what no Slymepitter ever has - proven PZ wrong! Rawr! You see the apology of Radfords I was complaining PZ had not linked to was his second apology for his awful pink for girls post. PZ only linked to Radfords first knee jerk not-pology not the second one which he presumably missed. So there :-P

    "...despising one another" ... Wut? I went from some people thinking I'm bit of a dick to them despising me! How did that happen? Maybe you are making a bit of a stretch there, happy to see any evidence of me being despised tho... The only internet people to show any interest in my comings and goings have been anti-FtB'ers like yourself. I suspect that's a big part of the dislike for FtBs, you get ripped apart for your childish arguments there and they then ignore you. All the raving is trying to get attention from those who damaged your fragile ego and would otherwise ignore and forget you instantly.

    1. Actually I would say all this reflects pretty well on you. It builds freethinker cred to not be universally liked, IMHO.

      Managing to piss off PZ a few times is more evidence of your ability to make up your own mind.

      I think you sell yourself short on your role within the group. PZ, Watson, etc aren't the people that are keeping the lights on. PZ doesn't manage his platform, Watson doesn't write half the stuff on her 'network'. Every day it's someone else reading the articles religiously, giving them something new to be incensed about, and commenting up a storm in the 'lounge'.

      I did not realize that the BB idea was Aratina's. Well done on the execution in any case.

      Maybe the SJ crowd does not despise you. But would you call them friends?

      ceepolk, Setar, et al on the A+ forums have your back? Or are you going to say something ableist and they'll hold a grudge?

      And then on FTB, you won't end up being abused like Julian and EBW were?

      Come to the dark side. We'll have a BBQ and it'll be awesome.

    2. Its very easy, you just apologise if you say something ableist! How hard is that... Or do I lose "freethinker cred" if I admit I was wrong about something.

      Give it a go - find some examples where someone was ableist, sexist etc. apologised and Setar or Cee or anyone holds a grudge. Maybe they do, I personally doubt it, but most wouldn't. If you were paying attention to all the falling outs on Pharyngula you'd see the regulars often have a go - but when one side admits they were wrong its water off a ducks back.

      Not particularly interesting to you and the Slymepit etc... Confirmation bias is your best friend in the quest to "prove" FTB to be FfTB. Good luck!

    3. Never apologize to these 'social justice' types.

      Here's why:

      It never ends well. Apologies are just ammo for their self righteous bullshit.

      And holding a grudge? A+ thinks the Human Rights Campaign are a bunch of evil transphobic people.

      Are you somehow better than people working for the HRC?

    4. I think when you give an apology for a disgusting statement like that your right to a friendly response is non-existent! Props to Conlon for apologising, more than any other Slymepitter has ever managed. Ophelias response which you carefully ignore...
      "Well, he replied to that, and I think he does intend to do better. At any rate he said he does. That’s a step."

      Others responses which you carefully ignore...
      "Good on him for apologizing"
      "Well, by apologising he’s clearly a better person than the scum at the Slymepit..."

      Ophelia again, being very generous since his parting message to the Slymepit was not very encouraging.
      "Well for what it’s worth, his second reply did indicate that he gets it that taunting people for being ugly is also not just fine."

      So it ended about as well as you might expect when you refer to throwing fucking acid in someone face! When I said apologise for something ableist I mean't something unintentionally ableist as I wouldn't go an a rant calling people "wheelchair bound retards" or something extreme and unforgivable. Same with examples like Michael Richards racist rant, apology is needed, no one need forgive him though.

      HRC, I skimmed that thread and decided I'd keep the = on my Twitter avatar. Aratina has em too. No one from A+ has criticised me or Aratina to my knowledge so they are not quite as adamant as you make out?

      BTW, please don't fall into the never apologise crap, its a powerful thing when sincerely meant and a great indicator of good character to admit you are wrong and apologise. Justin Vacula admitting he was wrong in his resignation post then choking on the apology was a missed opportunity, not too great a reflection on his character IMO.

    5. As explained here:

      The comment was not a vile threat from out of the blue.

      The comment was an ill-advised response to dramatic posturing by Benson.

      The FTB crowd should save everyone a few steps and compare their predicament to a genocide or something. It's quite clear they think that they are under siege by barbarian hordes.

      And you might keep that HRC avatar, but what you won't do is actually disagree with any A+ people on A+ property. A+ forums are a safe space, right?

      Since it's a safe space, oolon, aratina and latsot won't be seen rocking the boat even if they happen to disagree.

      I mean, you're cis. As far as I can tell, that means your role is perpetually going to be sitting in the corner listening to the mods' feelings about your choice of pronouns.

  2. And, of course, within a blink of an eye, the slimy one shows up with his usual sophist waffle - as he does anywhere A+ and associated baboonery is mentioned. The lifeless one must also use his 1337 skillz to run an army of web crawlers (on top of his censorbots) to look for new pastures where he can display his loyalty to TheCause - because he is literally posting comments before the author can make a cup of tea after hitting "post". What a sad and lonely place to be.

    No one sucks ass quite as passionately and obsequiously as Chester (Spike's loveable side-kick from the old LooneyTunes). But, as a testament to exactly how slimy and treacherous he is, even pharyngula couldn't stomach him. From Peezee's dungeon -

    However, his grovelling and kowtowing has evidently been deemed sufficient - the entry seems to have vanished.

    1. LOL, no sooner do I say "confirmation bias" above and Franc turns up to nicely prove it... Do some thinking Victor, uberfeminist tweeted the bleeding link to me on twitter! Possibly some extra strength projection with this "web crawler" stuff that Towelie and Welchy like to go on about.

      The rest seems to be regulation Ivanoff drool, carry on there soldier.