Sunday, May 5, 2013

Divorce from Atheism Plus!

So PZ Myers has "divorced" himself from the "skeptic movement" because some self-identified skeptic said some things he didn't agree with.

Along these lines, it is high time that we took care of some other irreconcilable differences between Atheism Plus, FTB, Skepchick and... everyone else.

Let's see how we can divide custody here. Who gets what?

Atheism PlusEveryone else
PZ Myers
Ophelia Benson
Rebecca Watson
Adam Lee
Richard Carrier
Richard Dawkins
Sam Harris
Christopher Hitchens
Daniel Dennett
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Harriet Hall
Michael Shermer
Lawrence Krauss
AC Grayling
Paula Kirby
Ricky Gervais
Jim Jeffries
George Carlin
Amy Schumer
Sarah Silverman
James Randi
Penn and Teller
All of these great Women in Secularism

And then these excellent organizations:
Center For Inquiry
Human Rights Campaign
Apple Computer (or EFF if you prefer)
Sierra Club
Planned Parenthood

You get the idea.

Essentially, the Atheism Plus do-gooders have distanced themselves from all comedians (most recently Ricky Gervais) because everyone knows jokes don't belong in safe spaces.

Then, the Atheism Plus gang goes far to smear nearly every accomplished author, philosopher, scientist that has gone to battle for the sake of atheism.

To top it all off, Atheism Plus blasts charities and lobby groups like the Human Rights Campaign and Planned Parenthood because they would rather support their own ego fund groups that agree with them on a broad platform...

It's a sad state of affairs. Let's finalize this divorce.


  1. Transmisogynistic disaster Human Rights Campaign is not 'excellent' by any metric, unless, by excellent, you mean 'caters to the prejudices of cis feminists.'

    1. Please take a look at this article:

      And especially Achron's comment. If you feel something is missing, please let us know.

    2. Atheist are atheist + are real atheists

    3. Atheist united is a hate group spread white supremacists agenda