Thursday, May 9, 2013

Feminists love Islam

This article is quite tall in pixels, so this will be the summary.

What you will witness in the following tweets is the same group of:
  • Hillary voting
  • Patriarchy crushing
  • Homophobia hating
  • 'Goddess' worshipping (well, one of them)
  • Pussy Riot loving
... feminist social justice warriors morph into:
  • Muslim electing
  • Hijab curious
  • Ramadan celebrating
  • FEMEN despising
... cheerleaders for Islam.

One would have to try hard to be more contradictory.

Speaking on the subject of PATRIARCHY, the following people have this to say:

Now switching to the subject of ISLAM...

Well, that's enough for now. Do your own research and find more examples.
The last word belongs to Cristina:


  1. The Patriarchy nitwits of the first half are self-evident. But I am utterly confused by the second half tweets.. I agree with some and disagree with others.

    I read a few of the articles linked in the second half.. and I dont see how they 'love islam', so I have to disagree with your headline.

    1) The message I get consistently from those articles (esp the Jezebel article linked by Valenti) is.. What makes you think Muslim women need 'SAVE'ing by western women, applying western standards. We have our own voice, and will 'save' ourselves applying our own standards. Makes sense right? These women are being honest by highlighting their AGENCY.. something that western feminists have constantly denied and blamed everything on patriarchy/men.

    In the linked AlJazeera vid 'Who speaks for Muslim women', Fatemah Fakhrie gives the most honourable definition of feminism I have heard.. "the autonomy over your own bodies and choices, no matter what your ethnicity/race/gender, without those choices being subjected to societal backlash".. which means men's liberation from provider/protector roles as well (which feminists have not pursued at all in reality).

    I saw 15 mins of that vid, and these muslim women make more sense than feminists railing about patriarchy.

    2) The reddit story linked to by Jen McReight is indeed hatred towards a muslim (assuming the narrative is true). This is reminiscent of the physical attacks on Muslims and lookalikes (Sikhs and others with similar garb) soon after 9/11.

    3) The Alyssa Rosenberg story about Disney and Hijab.. I dont buy it. Disney went as far as it can to accommodate hijab, but its priority is business. So Rosenberg may be 'islam lover'.

    4) The one that flummoxed me the most is Christina Rad. Its old.. 13 April 2012.. that was before she joined FTB on Jun 22, 2012.
    In her mind, who are 'Radical Feminists' and who arent?

    1. What I find strange and incoherent is how many of these feminists only seem to bring up choice and agency when it comes to Muslim women. The rest of the time they're sneering at "I choose my choice fun-feminism", attacking individual freedom as a neoliberal myth, and pushing authoritarian policies.

      According to radfem beliefs, white Western women are brainwashed by the patriarchy and suffering from societal Stockholm Syndrome. If women say that they're choosing to be stay at home mothers, sex workers, or something else that those feminists disapprove of, that's just the "false consciousness" speaking. Really they need to be "saved" by feminists, and in the case of sex workers that means criminalising their jobs to protect them from themselves.

      Yet when it comes to Muslim women in far more blatantly patriarchal countries, feminists saying what they should and shouldn't do with their lives is "cultural imperialism". Suddenly those women are capable of knowing their own minds and making their own choices, despite anything in their culture.

      If those feminists were being consistent then they'd either take the stance that all women should be allowed to make their own choices, or dismiss the agency of all women, not just fellow Western women who make choices they don't like.

  2. feminism is just another -ism. Whatever happened to the very simple concept of equal rights?