Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jacoby educates everyone

Susan Jacoby has caused a bit of a stir:

And then later on a panel with Marcotte, as lousycanuck recounts:

Susan: How is the earnings differential a secular issue? There is a tradition of secular thought descending from social darwinists descended through Ayn Rand. Not only religious nuts like Paul Ryan believe in Rand. Secular men, atheists, also worship Rand. A lot of people think all atheists are political liberals but it’s not true. 
Amanda: Women are shown over and over to be more liberal in values, eg. social safety net. Secularists should keep that in mind. Religion provides a social safety net; lack of safety net is one reason women don’t choose secularism. 
Susan: Religious make strong case for social safety nets because “god wants us to help the poor”. Not to say religion itself does not thrive on poverty though. Among proselytizing religions like Islam, charismatic Christianity, where they are gaining converts are in the poorest areas of Latin America and Africa. But I don’t think you can say religion per se is for or against a safety net. 
Amanda: I agree — but a strong safety net helps a society move in a secular direction.

Susan Jacoby, given what is provided here, seems to have two points:
  1. Young people don't vote, you can't count on them to change things
  2. Not all secular people buy into "progressive" or "liberal" economics or politics
Marcotte's response to point #2 seems to be that if we all decided to vote for Nader then more women would join secular groups because women are more liberal in values.

Then Twitter responds:

This is funny.

 If 'feminists' can accuse men of 'mansplaining', can we also accuse young Atheism+ types of 'youthsplaining'?

And here's the kicker:

Before the convention, many expected the "harassing evildoers" like l'uberfeminist to ruin all the fun.

The reality is the most abrasive feedback is coming from people that have paid to attend the event.

This is surprising only to people that endorse "progressive" groups like Atheism+ and FreeThoughtBlogs without actually interacting with them on a day to day basis.

You made this caustic bed.

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