Thursday, May 16, 2013

Marcotte stands up to sexism

Amanda Marcotte wrote a few hundred words about how a woman at a gaming company trolled her boss by hanging a picture of a half-naked guy in place of the poster of a half-naked woman that the boss had put up earlier.

In the end, the boss thought the whole thing was hilarious and respected the woman's opinion. The poster of the half-naked dude stayed up. So it turns out the evil, objectifying boss was not a misogynistic asshole.

But do you know who are misogynistic assholes? Those that would dare criticize the "Women in Secularism" conference!

Marcotte explains:
I bring this up because I’m one of the speakers at Women in Secularism, which starts on Friday in D.C. The very existence of this conference is threatening to a lot of people who either believe that women should remain a small minority in secular activism, that they should embrace the role of disempowered harassment objects, or that feminist ideas—i.e. the belief that women are equal human beings—have no place in secular spaces, despite the long history of secularism and feminism being intertwined. I’ve been made to understand that many of these folks have been upping their already obsessive levels of harassment and making threats of showing up simply to harass people for holding the offensive belief that women have something to contribute as people and not just as sex objects. So I wanted to remind people not to let those bastards get you down. They don’t speak for the majority. They exploit the anonymity of the internet to make themselves seem greater in number than they are, mainly by posting non-stop and having no life outside of being angry that feminists are engaged in secular activism. But as this story shows, the fuck-you-women-are-objects-n0t-people attitude is not inevitable, and conversations can actually be had and good faith does exist. So, a bit of optimism!

Marcotte would have you believe that her critics literally want her to go back to the kitchen and back to making that sandwich.

Which is especially funny, as one of the meanest things written about a woman in the secular movement was authored by Marcotte herself.

After Marcotte had finished writing her hit piece, Ophelia Benson backed her up and they spend the rest of the time congratulating themselves for being important.

It's easier to blame all your problems on anonymous critics than to look in a mirror.

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