Friday, May 31, 2013

PZ the breadwinner

On Wednesday, this post was made in response to things read in the LA Times and other papers.

Turns out the subject of women as breadwinners is making the rounds in the media, and conservative news outlets.

Some talking heads voiced some rather backwards ideas about a "natural order" in the household without backing it up with any data.

This is where PZ Myers enters the game, of course, to call the Republican/Libertarian crowd that they are a bunch of idiots.

While it's amusing to read a takedown of hardcore Bible thumpers, PZ ends on a rather bizarre note:

Here’s the deal, Fox News. The world is changing. It’s not getting worse, it’s getting different, and I know that’s the kind of thing that makes bitter, cranky old conservatives weep into their scotch and water, but deal with it. Besides, you’ll be dead soon and won’t care any more.
And it’s not just getting different, it’s getting better — those women in the workforce are more independent, more free, and living more fulfilling lives that matter. Welcome it. And hey, how about getting off your privileged butts and making sure that they get paid the same as men, so those families and children you’re so fucking concerned about can get by?

This appears to be some sort of argument, but it lacks any awareness of America's economic realities.

Employment rates are not good.

Many people are underwater on their mortgage and/or carry too much high interest debts.

How does PZ read this situation?

The solution that PZ puts forward is ostensibly pay equity legislation. Beyond that, things are just fine!

Somehow the answer to all our problems is to guarantee females get paid the same as their unemployed and underemployed male counterparts!

Of course, had PZ actually read the articles in question instead of responding to the data by simply stating the opposite of whatever conservative talking heads said, he may have had something substantive to add.

But no.

Forget what data might mean.

Forget that Egypt is reporting a similar reality without a correlation to women's empowerment.

Forget that the female breadwinners are more often than not to be members of lower income households.

The important part is that we disagree with the theocratic evildoers!

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  1. Good post.
    It does appear that not understanding the picture, and focusing on his narrow goal is PZ's forte.

    I was browsing through the Wiki on Francis Bacon's 1620 work Novum Organum (Science, A New Instrument) just yesterday, and I was struck by how identical the problems-in-thinking of his day and today are.
    Idols of the Cave (Idola specus)
    “Idols of the Cave belong to the particular individual. For everyone has (besides vagaries of human nature in general) his own special cave or den which scatters and discolours the light of nature. Now this comes either of his own unique and singular nature; or his education and association with others, or the books he reads and the several authorities of those whom he cultivates and admires, or the different impressions as they meet in the soul, be the soul possessed and prejudiced, or steady and settled, or the like; so that the human spirit (as it is allotted to particular individuals) is evidently a variable thing, all muddled, and so to speak a creature of chance...” (aph. 42)
    This idol stems from the particular life experiences of the individual. Variable educations can lead the individual to a preference for specific concepts or methods, which then corrupt their subsequent philosophies. Bacon himself gives the example of Aristotle, “who made his natural philosophy a mere slave to his logic.” (Aph. 54)

    The cutting-off of ideas from other parts of the political spectrum in the Atheist community is indeed deadly. I mentioned this in the comments section of Ron Lindsay's speech@WISCFI. No women from Religious, non-feminist or Anti-feminist background. And all people in CFI seem to be pretty much US Modern Liberals. This Echo Chamber just wont end well.