Friday, June 21, 2013

Do you take racism seriously?

Critics are currently tearing apart the last post about the American Atheists racial discrimination case.

In a Pharyngula post entitled "CFI response roundup" -

SallyStrange comments:
Today “Uberfeminist” claimed that I and anyone who said something positive about David Silverman’s response to the racial discrimination lawsuit against American Atheists were “whitesplaining white atheists.” That Dave Silverman is just as racist as Dawkins! I was like, probably, yeah. I.e., probably Silverman and Dawkins have similar levels of racism, and probably we’re whitesplaining how OK Silverman’s response was. That would be a totally legit and interesting conversation to have, IF you cared. But you don’t. It’s just another “gotcha” moment. Another tool transformed to a weapon, senselessly.

This is an interesting perspective.

Let's recap:
  1. 'Feminists' feign concern about racism just to score points against 'men's rights activists'
  2. 'Feminists' half-heartedly accuse Richard Dawkins and FEMEN of being racist
  3. 'Feminists' suddenly fall silent when a man they generally support is accused of racism (in a real court, by the way, not Twitter court)

After being informed of these details, some people may conclude that is the "social justice" warriors that are not taking the issue of racism seriously.

However this is miles apart from how a true Twitter activist would read this information. In fact, it all means precisely the opposite - it means everyone is even more racist than they thought!

Somehow, publicizing this information is a grand conspiracy to discredit modern-day Martin Luther Kings so the evil "harassers" can reconstitute the Confederate States of America. 

It is not clear if this would happen before or after the Earth-killing Libertarian conspirators would deport the Hispanic population and erect a 100ft high border wall.

Some details still need to be ironed out. 

The important thing that for now, the goose-stepping white supremacists need to create write blog posts that create the appearance of caring for the truth and social issues in the face of ridiculous hypocrisy and drama. 

You can't get anything past these Twitter heroes of racial equality. They know your motivations better than you do.


  1. Her comment is quite clever. She's right to distrust your motives, going by your blog and your whole persona.

    Indeed, this post of yours seem like another gotcha: "oh those hypocrites, it's outrageous!!!"

    Hey, whatever works for you but you can't complain too much after.

  2. So rather than have this enlightened discussion, the subject is now off limits because of who raised the point?
    Apparently her tribalism trumps social justice. Now that's some privileged hypocrisy!