Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Don't worry about the NSA

Why worry about the NSA having all your call records?

One thing this debacle proves is that the NSA can keep a secret.

At least, the NSA can keep a secret better than the person sitting next to you with an axe to grind.

Of course, those that support this "public shaming" would say that the guy shouldn't have been such an oaf in a public place. It is donglegate all over again. Adria Richards would be pleased.

However, if anything goes in terms once people inhabit a public place, then the NSA can perhaps listen in to you as long as it can reason that one of the parties isn't speaking on private property. You can be heard by anyone at any time, right? Telephone lines are simply public highways.

Regardless of whatever half-cocked reasoning the government may use to defend NSA's behavior, one can rest assured the arguments prepared will be better than the ones defending this vigilante with a smart phone.

Somehow, extra-judicial wiretapping leaves a bad taste in our mouths while extra-judicial shaming from the anonymous internet hate machine is an acceptable way to make a point.

Let's send strangers to Facebook Gitmo.

Privacy is dead, and it wasn't the government who killed it.

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