Sunday, June 9, 2013

Slandering LousyCanuck

There is a FreeThoughtBlogger using the name "LousyCanuck"

He has some issues with what people are saying about him online.

Now, below is the comment he linked to, in full.

MosesZD June 9, 2013 at 1:11 pm
This link: was to a friends of the FFRF group – a FB page for friends of the group but is not officially representative of them.
It was shut down by A+. Maiforpeace, The Lousy Cannuk and others who waged a false-flagging campaign.
Now do you see what we’re up against? Now do you see the problem? Or is it going to be more of the golden mean fallacy as A+ strives to destroy skepticism and atheism with their intolerance of others and desire to inflict their ideas of ideological purity on others.

Here's what seems to have gone down:

  1. Michael Nugent writes a blog post
  2. Comment section goes wild
  3. Random person accuses LousyCanuck of conducting a false flagging campaign
  4. LousyCanuck goes all 'Streisand effect' and links to the comment on Twitter
  5. LousyCanuck makes a statement that suggests he doesn't understand what the accusation of 'false flagging' may mean

Indeed, this is the most libelous thing ever written!

Someone ought to start collecting money to help LousyCanuck through this crisis.

Rest assured this is the typical FTB first world problem and LousyCanuck has dealt with it in the most drama queen way possible.

So let's set the record straight.

LousyCanuck may or may not waged a false flagging campaign against a Facebook page.

But that's not the most important thing you need to know - 

LousyCanuck is racist.

LousyCanuck is a sociopath.

Also, LousyCanuck supports Dove soap.


  1. Yeah you better report him for his racism to those groups that stand up for the civil rights of white men. EDL, Combat 18, Stormfront, the KKK, err... Maybe not.

    1. Wait, do we need to provide evidence of things now? When did that start?

      You and your hyper-skepticism! :)