Saturday, July 27, 2013

American atheist social justice warriors are hypocritical assholes (again)

The Royal Baby has caused quite a stir among "progressives".

First, PZ writes "My deepest regrets to the people of the United Kingdom"

Apparently, your antiquated monarchy is going to continue, and the birth of a child of extraordinary privilege warrants far more attention than the birth of thousands who will live in poverty. I hope you get over it soon, and I hope it doesn’t infect my country; despite fighting a revolution to get out from under a king, there are a lot of conservatives with a bizarre sentimental attachment to the idea of a hereditary aristocracy.
I think I follow far too many Brits on twitter than is good for me, as my feed is currently inundated with #royalbaby nonsense. I think it’s a sign that I shouldn’t bother trying to tune in the television news for a few days.
It's interesting to find someone who would otherwise complain about objectification fail to see the individual being discussed.
These clowns regard the baby being born as ultimately a political fact.
Somehow, the royal baby proves that the monarchy will continue, and it's taken for granted that the monarchy in the future will be a bad thing.
The only thing that PZ's post really proves is that he may be daft enough to believe that the monarchy wouldn't have found a successor to the throne if William did not have children.
One imagines a bespectacled, tea partying Myers in his Minnesota home wishing Kate would miscarry so the evil tyranny that is the family of Queen Elizabeth would finally come to an end.
It is also funny to see this card played - 'why are we talking about the royal baby when poor babies exist?'
Indeed. Why talk about the royals when poverty is a thing?
Also, why talk about anything but poverty?
This is why PZ doesn't talk about anything except poverty. Right?
Just a second - it would seem that in reality, Team Twitter Feminism would rather talk about Game of Thrones and other HBO shows than child poverty.
One is also reminded that PZ dedicates Fridays not to child poverty fundraising but to Cephalopods.
And Myers, like the Royal Family, opted to create a white privileged child of his own rather than spending that time volunteering at the local soup kitchen.
Fans of the shallow 'social justice' warriors would point out that if given the chance to be an advocate for the poor, they would surely capitalize on it.
Except that doesn't happen.
In the most recent FTBCon, how many of the 40+ sessions attempted to address issues of poverty specifically?
If there was time allotted to speak about the issue of child poverty, it was well hidden between pronounced talks about video games, alcohol and sex.
FreeThoughtBlogs and the rest of Atheism+ don't actually care about children.
This is a known fact as another recent trolling of celebrity that FTB participated in revealed that a lot of Pharyngula fans don't like children and have no problem openly stating that opinion.
So these groups neither like kids nor like talking about child poverty, yet when the media goes crazy about a baby they'll make like they're god's gift to poor children everywhere.
PZ Myers is a ridiculous individual. But perhaps not the most ridiculous.
For there exists Amanda Marcotte!

 Just what is this even supposed to mean?

After a "backlash" of sorts, Marcotte then tweets:


While Myers wants to remind us of the poor babies, vigorously pro-choice Marcotte wishes to remind us that babies die.

What point Marcotte is ultimately trying to get across is unknown.

To a normal person, what Marcotte is saying is probably the most ridiculous thing that someone could possibly say at a baby shower.

And it seems she said it just to troll conservatives on Twitter.

It's a lame gotcha that makes one want to run away from the American left forever - "look at all the hate I got for saying something stupid on Twitter."

If all Marcotte wants is for people to throw the c-word in her direction, she would do better by stating that Hitler/Pol Pot/Stalin wasn't all bad.

In some sense, this would have more class than the "dead baby" angle.

But Marcotte and Myers couldn't help themselves.

They just needed to use the birth of a child to toot their own horn, to make some hollow political point, to antagonize people they already disagreed with.

If the Royal Family behaved this despicably, they'd be deposed in a day.

Yet the monarchy has something that social justice warriors do not seem to have at all - a modicum of class.


The radical idea that the Royal Family are people too.

Do all people not deserve some level of respect?


  1. We had a revolution so that way we wouldn't have to give a shit about the royal family.

  2. Strangely enough, we had a revolution so we could care about them if we so chose.

    Freedom's funny like that.