Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Conflict resolution skills


JT Eberhard, the same guy that Greg Laden says is into feminism for the chicks, told a black woman that she was needlessly hostile in her response to a naive question from the audience.

Of course, "FreeThoughtBlogs" responded wondering how a while male could find the courage to criticize a black woman.

JT might have been right, he might have been wrong. It doesn't matter that much for what will follow.

The exchange, in a nutshell:

  1. JT says Bria overreacted
  2. Jennifer McCreight (and many other "FreeThoughtBloggers" like Greta Christina) respond by saying it's not his place to make these criticisms and accuse him of "tone trolling" (Is there also such a thing as "privilege trolling"?)
  3. JT responds by saying he doesn't really depend on their validation
  4. "FreeThoughtBlogs" and Jennifer McCreight lose their minds

First, some background that will make sense later -

Greta Christina is a founder of a "GodlessPerverts" group in the SF bay area

Its mission:

"Godless Perverts presents and promotes a positive view of sexuality without religion, by and for sex-positive atheists, agnostics, humanists, and other non-believers, through performance events, panel discussions, social gatherings, media productions, and other appropriate outlets.
Our events and media productions present depictions, explorations, and celebrations of godless sexualities — including positive, traumatic, and complex experiences — focusing on the intersections of sexuality with atheism, materialism, skepticism, and science, as well as critical, questioning, mocking, or blasphemous views of sex and religion.
Godless Perverts is committed to feminism, diversity, and inclusivity. We seek to create safe and welcoming environments for all non-believers, as well as for any believers open to considering atheists’ perspectives on sexuality, and are committed to taking positive action to achieve this."
At one meeting, they handed out religion-themed sex toys:
ZOMLOG, this is so exciting! The Godless Perverts Story has received a donation of three — count ‘em, three — blasphemous sex toys, to be given away as door prizes at our April 13 San Francisco event! (Event details below.) The toys come from Divine Interventions, fine manufacturers of high-quality silicone sex toys both secular and sacreligious.
The Godless Perverts defend the choices as follows:

I see the purpose of the Divine Interventions toys as not to insult religious people, but as something that can be healing for those who have been hurt and silenced by religion. I stand by that. If we don’t dare to fuck with religion, we’re being dishonest and allowing its privilege to stand unquestioned.

One of the toys was a "Baby Jesus Buttplug" and this item was actually featured on Greta Christina's blog.

Now Jennifer McCreight - her Twitter bio:

I'm a liberal, geeky, nerdy, scientific, perverted atheist feminist formerly trapped in the Midwest

Now this is an example of how these "perverts" demonstrate their conflict resolution skills:

So these "godless perverts" respond to JT's not needing their validation by adding the following:

  1. JT apparently is the one that decided to end the friendship (why he wouldn't have dropped her from his Facebook friends list remains unclear)
  2. JT apparently makes women uncomfortable with his perverted jokes
  3. JT apparently abuses his status at conferences in order to bed college-aged women (how perverted)
  4. JT apparently has a issues with mental illness and suicide 
  5. JT apparently needs support for his problems (maybe he's a ticking time bomb that will go nuts at a conference?)
Most importantly, Jennifer wants JT to presumably get better, and this process is now expedited by Jennifer calling him a heartless vengeful crazy sexual predator.

Maybe it would be apt to describe an alternative situation to gain some perspective on the accusations JT is faced with.

The Misogyny Scenario

In some conference in some flyover state, an 18-22 year old woman walks into a hotel elevator after a few drinks at the bar.

A lanky 30(?)-something male approaches.

"I'm a speaker!" he says cheerfully.

The woman glances at some piece of computer hardware he's clutching in his hand.

"Hey! Stop looking at my dongle!" he says suggestively. 

The woman is now forever a victim and has to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Feminist Sex Positive Scenario

In some conference in some flyover state, an 18-22 year old woman (Susan) walks into a room, and quietly takes a seat.

Some time passes, some panels conclude - and now it's time to announce the door prizes!

"Susan!" the announcer screams... "You've won!"

"Come up and accept your prize!"

Reluctantly, the woman stands up and walks forward to the stage.

"What do we have for her?" the announcer asks.

Excitedly, a 51 year old woman (Betty) reaches into a barrel of goodies and pulls out a small piece of silicone.

"Ohhhh! This is my favorite!" Betty exclaims, "It's the Baby Jesus Buttplug!"

Susan appears bewildered as the slightly viscid baby statue is placed in her palm.

"Yes, you put it in your ass" Betty explains in a whisper, "it's exquisite!"

A brief handshake is followed by a wink.

"Are you a bisexual too?" Betty inquires quietly, "I'm a bit of a dom."

Empowered and enthusiastically consenting, Susan the undergraduate student suddenly clenches a fist the child-shaped ass fitting and raises it high.

She turns defiantly to the crowd in a fit of self-actualization. She is immersed in desire and safety she had never felt in any heteronormative relationship.

"My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit!"

Racism, faced with the anger of "perverted" white atheist women, is forever defeated.

Feminism is great, right?

...How great would conferences be if the men didn't show up? No creepy people would be there!

To recap, let's not forget how insane this situation is. A group of "feminists" is painting a former friend of defending racism, accusing him of being a sexual predator and mentally unstable.

This surely helps matters.

Perhaps most disturbing of all, they do this while placing a small silicone statue of a child in their anal cavity, drinking profusely, miming sex acts and making their own rape jokes.

In their day off, the "social justice" warrior still finds the time to wave their sex toys at you.

Activism is tough work.


  1. Evidently sex is only positive if they do it ....

  2. People speak of "justifiable anger", which, to my reasoning, is the the same as saying "justifiable evil".

    Anger is simply irrational and hugely detrimental.

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