Friday, August 23, 2013

Words were said

It seems a little bit of Atheism+ drama has now cleared itself up.

So this is our social media expert and founder of Atheism+ wrapping up some things she said about a friend.

Let's itemize a few things about these statements:

  1. It spells out that McCreight believes her motivations were driven by a desire to be too truthful. (As her logic and honesty trumps all, it remains a possibility that McCreight is Vulcan)
  2. It places blame evenly. She called him a mentally ill sexual predator, while he said she was being ridiculous by calling him a racist. Sounds about even, right?
  3. Now that they've made amends, McCreight's statements are presumably less relevant now. But she didn't lie, did she? Is JT no longer a threat? Did McCreight somehow neutralize the threat to women everywhere by having a pleasant conversation with the alleged serial abuser?

In sum, what could have been said:
"I'm sorry, I was angry and spread some rumors created from my own exaggerations."
And what was really said:
"I'm sorry I got too real for some people." 
Not much indicates that McCreight thinks she is wrong.

McCreight has admitted she has wronged, insofar as she can see that the fiancee of her target was hurt and other women in her social circle think McCreight went entirely too far.

What could actually button up this situation is clearly stating that her tweets were a mix of outright lies and absurdly offensive remarks.

Recall that Greg Laden said JT is into feminism for the chicks and Jen McCreight followed that up by saying JT is a player in a room full of women that can't consent.

If they cared in the least about his reputation they'd exert at least a little bit of energy retracting those statements.

Also, here's a tip for those struggling with suicidal thoughts - don't share your struggles with social justice warriors because if you later disagree with them about anything they'll bring it up again just to make you look like an ungrateful little sod.

This article has the appearance of being a tactless rejection of an apology.

It is, in some ways.

But those really wanting to earn a degree in the art of not letting things settle should sign up for Atheism+.

In "social justice" land, all apologies go straight into the garbage.

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