Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Merry Sexual Assault Month

Writing about what Suey Park has to say at this point is like beating a dead horse with Thor's hammer. However it is a stallion so infested so with social justice insanity that it takes altogether too much principle to ignore.

So without further disruptions...

It turns out after all the Colbert Report drama, Suey and her supporters would like to highlight that Suey Park has received rape and death threats on Twitter.

It could be mentioned that this treatment is not unique and impacts almost every F-list celebrity that happens to graduate from a contentious season of Big Brother.

Yet even ignoring that fact, we can make another more direct comparison to the treatment of another female Asian American (apologies - woman of color). Suey's new friend, Michelle Malkin. Referring to an incident of direct homicidal threats, Malkin writes:

Funny thing is, I’ve been getting e-mails like this on a regular basis since, oh, about 1992.

If threats make Park more a more virtuous and/or correct individual, Michelle Malkin is more than two decades more pitiable.

Oddly enough, nobody gives a shit about Michelle Malkin.


Conservative. She's a conservative commentator.

After you flip the conservative bit, solidarity evaporates. Threats are evaluated in context and suddenly logical risk assessments are made. Further, distance is created from Malkin's "critics" and insane "nutjobs".

The most brainwashed "progressive" "activist" would continue playing the privilege limbo.

They might even go as far as to look up Malkin's history to determine whether she would qualify as a rape survivor as Suey Park does.

The problem with privilege limbo is that you eventually lose.

As Suey Park learned:

Suey Park make the mistake of using her Twitter profile to create a parody of an Asian American boy. (Or was it satire?)

The mistake was that the only people on the planet so sensitive as to be offended by her parody were her suffocating, perpetually disappointed followers.

Maybe karma does exist.

Suey Park does deserve recognition as a rape survivor though, as she's shown her strength of character to shatter the stereotype that rape victims are somehow destined to be angry, preoccupied, hateful, validation-seeking and suspicious of a large group of people to the point of damaging their career and interpersonal relationships.

Surely rape survivors could do no better than Suey Park as their self-appointed representative. Who else could better weaponize the problem in order to score points in a drawn-out Twitter feud of their own creation?

It's important we use this month to consider the impact of sexual assault and how to prevent it. It is crucial that we consider sexual assault and what we might do about it in April, before spending the busy summer months aware of War, Homicide and Genocide.

There is no better evidence that rape culture exists in our society that we only find a measly thirty days contemplating how we may ultimately teach males to not rape. Why don't we have a Sexual Assault Awareness Semester?

Worse yet, even feminist organizations can't seem to find the time to stay on topic.

Instead of criticizing the bigotry of The Colbert Report, they are busy celebrating that a case of female genital mutilation has been brought to trial in the United Kingdom for the first time in history.

Hats off to all those keeping sexual assault awareness in Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Everyone else, please stop with the misogyny.

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  1. I think I found out why Park changed her account appearance to a male one. Appears she and a few others decided to prove that the abuse resulted from being women rather than idiot racist SJWs. So when people got onto her account, they'd discover she was really male, think 'Patriarchy, patriarchy, rah, rah, rah' and quit. Of course, the world doesn't really work like that.