Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Disgraceful Exploitation and Lies

PZ Myers thinks people are out to get him again.

In a post titled "Disgraceful exploitation", PZ Myers writes:
A woman says she was raped by Neil deGrasse Tyson in grad school. She contacted me and asked me to share her story. But here’s the disgraceful exploitation that’s going on.
She did not know who I am, at all. She came to me because she was advised to…by slymepitters. The same people who have been indignant for years that women might speak out against harassers. They are trying to deploy this woman as a weapon.
Now, unfortunately, I looked at her story. I can’t say she’s wrong, and she’s definitely sincere, and I can’t rule out the possibility, but her supporting evidence is terribly weak: it’s her personal testimony, which I do not reject, with no other evidence. Her web page does not help her case at all, either — it’s a lot of astrology, and a scattering of youtube videos that are completely irrelevant to her claim. That’s it.
I told her that I won’t go on the record supporting her accusation, because there is no corroborating evidence at all to support it. I took her story seriously, read the case she made, and found no independent evidence to back up the claim that she even knew Tyson.
You can guess where this story is going next.
Now those same assholes are howling that I accepted the accusation against Shermer with no evidence, and that I’m not accepting this one because the victim is a black woman. They must believe their own lies.
I treated this case in exactly the same way as the one against Shermer. What these people have forgotten (or are intentionally lying about) is that before I posted that story, (Post Titled: "What do you do when someone pulls the pin and hands you a grenade?") I got independent evidence that the woman was at the conference, that she was interacting with Shermer, that she was in his hotel room — there was opportunity. I further got accounts of the distress the woman experienced afterwards. Without all that, I might have been willing to believe her, but I would not have been able to step forward and present her account as true, believable, and supported by witnesses.
It’s the same story here. I am willing to believe Tchiya Amet (although I’d rather not believe such a thing of Tyson), but there is no corroboration of any kind, and I cannot go before the public and state that a good case has been made that this crime occurred. It hasn’t.
But I can say that the exploitation of this woman’s pain by a group of people who have been consistent in denying the difficulties women face is one of the more cynically despicable acts I’ve seen them commit.

A comment on the post adds:

27 January 2016 at 10:30 am
Also PZ, the fact that this story is linked to the Slymepit is a huge flashing sign that it’s completely fabricated bullshit. That alone is enough to dismiss it out of hand.

PZ Myers wishes everyone to believe that this woman approaching him with her story is a frame-job setup by his enemies to demonstrate his hypocrisy. And it may be just that, but that wouldn't be a problem if PZ Myers took the opportunity to explain his approach to accusations of rape and sexual assault. This is what Myers attempted to do, but only managed to further confuse the matter.

PZ Myers would have you believe that his critics are "weaponizing" a possibly mentally ill woman to make a shallow point in a sordid drama.

The facts:

  1. PZ Myers literally profits off of every view of his blog post - his blog is unreadable without an ad blocker. If anybody has incentive to keep the disgusting drama going, it is PZ.
  2. PZ Myers had every opportunity to take the discussion with the accuser to a private forum. Instead, he chose a half dozen tweets and a blog post chastising his enemies. (Proving point #1)
  3. The accusation that critics are "weaponizing" rape victims is absurd and ironic as PZ Myers himself called the accusations he published against Shermer "a grenade". 
  4. Rape survivors relying on their story going out as a part of PZ Myers' pioneering reporting are about as successful as those that chose Sabrina Erdely (another known career-building weaponizer).
  5. PZ Myers actually dismisses the accuser's allegations in light of her supernatural views ("Her web page does not help her case at all, either — it’s a lot of astrology")
  6. There was again no mention of the allegations of sexual assault made against PZ Myers that he managed to quickly dismantle in a calculated way. 
  7. PZ Myers regularly references massacres of women only to use the memory of the victims to smear his opponents as violent and misogynistic. 
  8. The "Slymepit", labelled as creating "fabricated bullshit", was the forum of mischief that outed FreeThoughtBlogs' Avicenna - one of their most prolific writers - as a serial plagiarist. If anyone is truly in the bullshit fabrication business, it is FreeThoughtBlogs.

As much as we can dissect, we can rely on simple truths to describe PZ Myers' actions. PZ Myers won't throw his name behind this victim for the same reason that he's not supporting Elyse - the accuser has no one connected to Myers' inner cabal of "feminist" friends to vouch for her, so she may as well not exist.

Furthermore, there is the obvious matter that the accused - Neil deGrasse Tyson - is a diverse darling within the "community" that PZ Myers cannot afford to be seen to treat unfairly. There is no upside opportunity for Myers to sap NdGT's limelight, and a lot of downside if Myers' "progressive" compatriots happen to finally notice that Myers is a bearded white man with a superiority complex that makes side money by co-opting the lived experiences of marginalized women.

With over 200 comments in a matter of hours, Myers' post about this accusation may be the most visited article he's written in several months. 

What a selfless ally of women everywhere.


  1. This woman was not only tweeting that she had been raped, but also that nobody was taking her seriously, her assumption was that was probably because she was black.

    She was right, nobody was taking her seriously. The people on the feminist hashtag she was using were simply ignoring her... which in it's self shows the hypocrisy of the 'Listen & Believe' feminists. You would at least think they would offer tea and sympathy and try to get the poor girl some help. After all what is important, they welfare of women or deriving political capital from their accusations? somebody who frequents the Slymepit suggested she go talk to PZ, after all he has a history of listening and believing and preaches as much.

    From here PZ really had three courses of action he could have taken.

    1. Not take the woman's claims seriously, but have tried to get her some help, because SHE certainly seems to believe her claims.
    2. Believed her and publicized her claims as he has done before, making as much capital out of this as possible.
    3. Disbelieved her, offered her no help, publicized it anyway, blamed his enemies, accuse her of being a stooge, making as much capital out of this as possible.

    Of course, he chose the option which benefited him, smeared his opponents and showed absolutely no regard for the woman making the claims.

    So maybe that Slymepitter was wrong, it was irresponsible to send her to PZ because it should be obvious by now he cares only for his self interest. PZ has once again been exposed as a hypocrite, but the poor woman got thrown under the bus, not by the slymepitter but by PZ.

    1. I agree with you that it's hypocritical.
      But she's almost certainly lying. It's like believing petter popof if he claims he was raped by marrie currie.
      As someone who has actually been victimized she seems like the kind of person one shouldn't share a room alone with.
      The fact that she's black means shit, the fact that she's a loose canon that makes a living exploiting the gullible on the other hand has everything to do with it, which is something she has in common with myers, at least she asks people to believe without evidence, he demands them.
      Believing her would be like believing PZ Myers if he said camille paglia raped him.
      It would be like believing andre dorkins if she said james randi raped her.
      It's not impossible, but highly improbable.
      For christ sake, tyson is so weak he once was a stripper by accident, not even I was that weak and I'm weak as fuck. And when I mean weak I mean clueless, naive, I had women who spread the same woo as her leave bite scars in both me an my girlfriend and I only figured out what was happening once she went to my girlfriend and even then I was too clueless to know what to do. At least last time she tried this shit I dodged the bullet like a master.

  2. Another problem for PZ is that he has already chided Tyson over a relatively trivial matter (the George W Bush quote). PZ was fairly condescending in that matter, so if this woman's story fell apart, that would be two unprovoked attacks on a highly-educated ie. "uppity" black man.
    Also, Tyson no doubt has some top-notch lawyers that could wipe the floor with PZ.

  3. PZ not only gives it to celebrities.

  4. I did not contact you. You contacted me. I wrote the post for my own healing. I do not care what you say or think about me. That creep is a monster and my life is still affected by his horrendous actions. It took me 30 tears to speak out and now you treat me like a criminal. The things you claim i said about being ignored cuz I am black were actially stated by others. What evidence could I have? It was in the privacy of his wretched apartmenr. I was terrified nauve and insecure. You are a liar and I was warned about you from other reporters. The reporter that wanted to write the story has been seeking for evidence. Howevwr, no one wants to speak out, (therapists, former professors, former classmatea) cux they are afraid of Tyson’s power: everyone loves him so. Maybe one day, more survivors of his assaults will come forward. Before I posted my story, I would end up in fetal position whenever he appeared on tv. But you do not care about me. Folks like you make a living slandering innocent people like me. Have a great day.

    1. I’m sorry, but your account is very vague and confusing. You said you drank water out of a coconut shell... why did you continue to drink it? A ‘mickey’ would make the water taste different, yucky. Then you say that you passed out and remember nothing until the next why do you say you were raped? How did you know? Did you discuss it?

      We’re you witness to the ‘bj’s for A’s’ incidents, or are you just providing second hand information?

      With accusations like this against someone like him, you need to be more clear and concise about what happened. A wishy washy confusing story is not going to be listened to or believed. Leave all of your new age and spiritual stuff out of it.
      It’s hard to believe you when you don’t present an honest front.

  5. Ps: I have never heard of skymepitters. Other reporters warned me to stay clear of pitiful Meyers. I have no knowledge of who he is or what he does. This entire mess has taken the focus pff of what actually happened so that he can gain more publicity at my expense. Slanderous scsndalous liar.

    The comment about disbelieving me because my page is about astrology is retarded. He ignored my music, all the healing and wellness events that I perform and produce. At least my work actually helps people. Mr. Tyson’s work only helps his gigantic ego. Same goes for Meyers as well.

    1. Don't use the word "retarded".

    2. What would help your case? Write to registrar at the university and request a copy of your transcript. Your transcript will either prove (or not prove) that you took a 100 level class from him. At this point, you have not provided any proof that you were a student in his class. Small step, easy step, do it now.

    3. What would help your case? Write to registrar at the university and request a copy of your transcript. Your transcript will either prove (or not prove) that you took a 100 level class from him. At this point, you have not provided any proof that you were a student in his class. Small step, easy step, do it now.

    4. I was never his student. I was also a grad student. I studied with Gerard. DeVaucoukeurs. I have legally changed my name since then. Look for Staci Alison Hambric. We were both grad students at UT Austin. After I dropped out, he got me a job at Austin Community College, probably cuz he felt guilty. I was innocent and naieve. I did not know understand or tealize what had happened. You can ask any professor if I was enrolled there. They remember me. They just did not know about the rape. I contacted them years later for a recommendation when I considered grad school at Temple U. Then learned that the person I wanted to study with their had also assaulted a student, so I did not enroll. Peace

  6. Neil deGrasse Tyson graduated with his Master from UT Austin in 1983. He then went on to Columbia University.

    1) Tyson was not in UT Austin 1984.
    2) Name Change proof is not unveiled
    3) Actual Transcripts need to be disclosed

  7. You are all seem to be riding the ND Tyson express—and hard I might say.

    I was friends with Tchiya at Oberlin where she majored in physics. I also had the pleasure of playing in the Oberlin Conservatory Jazz Ensemble with her.

    I wonder if you are so eager to “pull her card” because the notion of one more African American doing advanced physics seems impossible for you to your wrap minds around?

    Could it be that if the improbability of a Tyson must now be multiplied by the improbability of an African American woman student of advanced astrophysics existing in the same time-space continuum as your beloved Tyson thereby creating some kind of infinitesimal imaginary number that we simply can’t get our minds around?

    [insert cosmic sounds here]

    I knew Tchiya (then Stacie) as an extremely bright, talented young woman whose quiet humility and intellectual curiosity was only matched by her courage in daily facing the pervasive race and sex bias that existed in Oberlin’s physics department.

    I learned some time ago that she suffered sexual abuse and harassment in the Physics department at Oberlin and was forced to take certain physics classes at the Univetsity of Chicago in summers to keep up her studies and avoid certain sexual predators in the Oberlin physics department.

    She has written about this for years.

    Tchiya was friends with a woman who was murdered by her boyfriend on campus in her senior year, further compounding her traumatic stress.

    It is my understanding that it was simply easier to walk away from physics that endure the daily trauma exacted by the men who dominated this field.

    Why then are you questioning her story so extensively?

    I have a hypothesis that when the accused is a beloved African American male who defies stereotypical depictions of African Amiericans (OJ as the polished corporate jock, Dr Bill Cosby as the lettered, avuncular comedian) there is a higher burden placed on the accuser because:

    1) we want don’t want to tear down those positive black male images. Like Chappell said about Cosby “it was like telling me that [something I loved with childlike affection like] chocolate ice cream was a rapist”.

    2) successful AA men who defy stereotypes often are strategically aligned with large numbers of white men who are either implicated in the bad acts or who have a vested interest in the man’s success as an agent, manager, sponsor, investor etc. These white men manipulate the law and levers of public opinion to protect their investment in the successful AA male.

    3) we have ingrained negative stereotypes about the credibility of women; particularly African American women as witnesses agsinst men.

    Compare this story’s lack of traction to rape allegations against another more stereotypical Tyson; Mike. Even compare with the slovenly Weinstein.

    We simply believe certain people more than others.

    Why is the story not—but for these horrific acts—Tchiya might have been one of a few AA female astrophysicists on our planet?

    Why is it not the story that Tchiya’s current free-spirited approach to life is simply her own way of offering herself healing and love following these traumatic experiences? Why does it have to be proof in your minds that she is some kind of flake and therefore lying about the encounters with Tyson.

    Why is it so hard to accept that male sexual harassment chased her away from a field where she had interest and talents and that the world has been deprived of a female African American astrophysicist?

    Perhaps it’s because her story spoils fantasies of Tyson as some kind of Unicorn Nerd King and makes him just a guy from the Bronx with a high IQ and an interest in physics?

    This story deserves more investigation.

    Thomas V.

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  8. Thomas V makes excellent points. Should be investigated before judgment is made. Her spiritual healing may be very spacey to others, but everyone copes with trauma in their own way. She may be delusional or she may be telling the truth. Unicorn Nerd King from The Bronx,