Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jokes you aren't allowed to tell

Nothing wrong with cashing that blogging paycheck and spending it on lapdances right? PZ supports women.

Women are paid to dance naked. Nice clean fun. Hilarious.

Rebecca Watson, who apparently receives threats of sexual violence all the time, thinks that cutting off someone's penis is a joke that belongs in a presentation.

The icing on the cake: these two creeps collaborate!

The comic routine involves PZ joking that losing a card game may result in nonconsensual sex.

  Then PZ mentions exchanging his room number, getting back to the 'sex part' later.

This is followed by Rebecca giggling about how a card game with PZ will end up with him trying to impregnate you. Perhaps in an elevator?

Add to this her experiment-joke that involved making absurd demands of a female subordinate. I'm sure she'd get away with this story if she were male, right?

So funny.

What is there left to say, except perhaps 'TRIGGER WARNING'?

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