Thursday, December 27, 2012

PZ Myers uses massacre to criticize opponents

If you haven't kept up with Pharyngula (and who really can)

And these anonymous monsters on the internet who shriek affrontedly about women and feminists and moan that any feminist allies are ‘manginas’ — to me, every one of them has the name Marc L├ępine, and is just hiding it in shame and fear and hatred and cowardice.

The title of the post is rich too.

PZ would like you to never forget:

  1. A sad little argument on the internet
  2. He's nicer than his opponents
  3. His opponents enable mass murder
  4. If they weren't such anonymous cowards, they would admit to wanting to kill dozens of people

Is there no equivalent of Godwin's law when it comes to any feminism related pissing contest?

Important to remember that this isn't "trolling" because "trolling" is never in blog posts, never done by PZ. Right?

It gets better.

Since it was mentioned in the comments, here are the names of the murdered women

Yep. First draft of the post had just enough context regarding the actions of Marc to dig into his opponents. That is all. A memorial this was not.

Stay classy PZ.

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