Thursday, December 27, 2012

Why Elevatorgate can only end badly

There is only one way the whole elevator drama will end. That is badly, if at all.


1) The Elevator incident is still being referenced as a self-evident example of poor decisions made by males.

The reasoning is as follows:
  1. Rebecca felt uncomfortable
  2. This discomfort was the result of the male's actions
  3. Said actions were in error because of their consequences, however subjective this result is
  4. Something about the situation was obviously "no-go". The location, the timing, the subject, the query, or a combination
  5. It is all so painfully obvious and wrong it produced a load of take-aways for other males looking for dates  

2) The Elevator incident is given as just one example of a massive systemic issue
Strangely enough,  no opinion polling exists to gauge how safe women feel in the skeptics organizations versus, say, traveling church choir groups.

What effort to quantify the problem exists beyond certain parties indexing 'hateful' (includes what could be defined as generally critical) YouTube comments and twitter posts?

3) Only one authoritative perspective exists

The guy in the elevator, as far as I know, has not stepped forward to offer his version of events.

4) Two camps emerged relatively unscathed

Opposing camps had high profile backers that did not see their reputations destroyed over the disagreement. Inability to reconcile succeeding differences help the problem snowball.

5) Profit.

Ultimately joining the shit storm elevates the profile of all involved. Perhaps this does not end up as cash, as many are compensated in various other means. More Twitter followers, (even if only 'h8ers', they serve a purpose) more contacts within a larger movement, and opportunities to be asked to speak about a problem you control the volume of.

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