Sunday, January 20, 2013

AtheismPlus tribalism

So a while ago Michael Shermer, responding to questions about why there weren't more females on stage in debates, responded that while atheism would be about 50/50 in gender breakdown, the debates, the campaigns, etc might be more of "a guy thing".

You know, if atheism had its own football league, it might be more of "a guy thing" too.

He posted an article describing that this statement may be now wrong, and would be especially wrong if the AtheismPlus crowd bothered to keep up their conference appearances.

The response from the Atheism+ gang?

  1. "it's a guy thing" is undeniably sexist (somehow) and there will be no take backs!
  2. Quoting Martin Niemöller is violating Godwin's law, and only A+ is allowed to do that
  3. The use of the word "witchhunt" is especially sexist now. Or something.
To be in the A+ trenches is to believe that Michael Shermer hates women.

What else does the A+ gang believe?

Well, this comes straight from PZ Myers:
Rebecca has never called for a boycott or an end to his career, either. But he did say some stupid and unself-aware stuff that has been a kind of nucleus for a lot of the hate that followed afterwards.
Repeat after me:

Rebecca Watson telling all her fans that she will never buy Dawkins' works again is not a boycott. She just says things, and people ought to ignore her.

Shermer saying anything could appeal to males more than females is unabashedly sexist.

Just learning who is always right and who is always wrong will help you get along way in the social justice movement that will save the world, Atheism+.