Sunday, January 20, 2013

Doing other things

Ophelia adds her opinion to Rebecca Watson's piece (you know, the one that shits on PZ's idea that things might get better):

On the subject of SSA, JREF, RDFRS, et al:
I think that’s pretty much right. The organizations aren’t against us, but they’re not really for us either. They’re doing other things.

Minor correction for Ophelia: These organizations were doing other things and really should be doing other things.

Things like:
  1. Leaving you to deal with your online persona *
  2. Leaving the police and hotel staff to deal with what happens in elevators at 4AM
  3. Leaving it to YouTube and Twitter to decide which interactions cross the line
  4. Ignoring any bizarre beefs members might have with one another
  5. Staying away from the general Twitter complaint-fest
(* - growing tired of Shermer, Benson is now trolling Rick Warren and I wish her luck)

Secular organizations may not care much about feminism (at least not to your satisfaction).

Here's a short list of things secular organizations have little time for:
  1. Legalizing gay marriage
  2. Gun control (or gun rights, depending on one's opinions)
  3. Immigration reform
  4. Income equality
  5. Foreign aid
  6. Israeli/Palestinian conflict
  7. Union busting (or right-to-work, depending on one's opinions)
  8. Drug policy reform
  9. Health care reform
You get the idea.

If Ophelia, SkepChicks, FreeThoughtBlogs and Atheism+ want to talk about this nonsense more, they can form a political party or lobby group.

It's obvious that these unrepentant shills do not even know what the hell a non-profit charitable educational organization is.

And please, move to Portland, and disconnect your internet. The result ought to be a mind-numbingly safe space.

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