Tuesday, January 1, 2013

FreeThoughtBullies propaganda


In this PZ quotes the work of Michael Nugent


This is a pattern of behaviour, not a series of isolated incidents. It is gradually becoming less acceptable to sexually harass or threaten women in real life. But that message has not yet reached the Internet, where anonymity and hostile debate and absence of oversight make it easier for
us to evade responsibility for our actions.
There is also the wider context of sexism in general. If we as men faced this pattern of sick online abuse simply because of our gender, I suspect that we would urgently take action to tackle the problem. If we fail to take the same action when women face this problem, our inaction reinforces prejudice and discrimination against women generally. We may not mean to do that, and we may not even be aware of it, but the impact of our inaction remains the same.
Tackling sexism is a complex problem, with no magic answers. We should rigorously analyze the extent of sexism in our communities, both online and offline, and we should test and refine the best ways to eradicate it. But we must not deny that it exists, or reinforce it with prejudice and discrimination. Instead we should actively work to create inclusive, safe and supportive communities, in which we can live together as equals, regardless of our race, gender, sexuality or ability levels.
And we should work together on this so that, ultimately, we never again have a fifteen year old atheist girl excitedly posting online about her Christmas present of a Carl Sagan book, then reading crude comments about adult men wanting to have sex with her, and having to respond: “Dat feel when you’ll never be taken seriously in the atheist/ scientific/ political/ whatever community because you’re a girl. :c ”

PZ adds:
I can tell you why he takes this position, though: because he is a decent human being. That also tells you what I think of the people who oppose this new emphasis on equality in the atheist/skeptic movements. 

Michael's quote:
  1. While harassment in real life is becoming less acceptable, the internet remains full of douchebags
  2. Sexism is a complex problem
  3. Remember that [reddit?] thread with the Sagan book? That was really fucked up!
All good points.

However, how does PZ want you to read this?

PZ's critics within the atheist/skeptic movements (like Thunderf00t) lack basic human decency. (!)

Who are the people on PZ's hitlist?

  • Thunderf00t (failed to comply with FreeThoughtBlogs opinions)
  • Richard Dawkins (boycotted his works after elevator gate, right?)
  • Michael Shermer (failed to see how a study about voice pitch proved theories about the  patriarchy)
  • James Randi (The Amazing Meeting should have bouncers and HR departments)
  • Ayaan Hirsi Ali (she works at AEI, which is critical of leftist social justice ideology)
  • Paula Kirby (wrote dissenting piece 'Sisterhood of the Oppressed')
  • Harriet A. Hall (Failed to identify as a 'SkepChick')

Which of these people are defending threats made on reddit, YouTube, and Twitter?

Which of these people are defending the Montreal massacre?

PZ builds strawmen on his blog, and beats them to a plup.

PZ Myers is trolling, PZ Myers is creating propaganda.

If PZ Myers were to prove this was a real debate, he would:
  1. Make actionable proposals
  2. Address real people instead of the crazies in the audience
  3. Speak to true threats
  4. More readily accept responsibility for his own mistakes and his demonization of critics
When will this happen?

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