Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nordic model does not work

This is not at all related to fashion week. Instead, this has to do with the study cited by Meghan Murphy in this article.

Remember this comment from Murphy?

A Norwegian study looking at rates of violence against prostituted women under the Nordic model was recently released in English. It showed that, since 2008, reports of rape and other forms of physical violence against prostituted women has decreased. 

Turns out that is completely false.

Read this post for a thorough debunking of Murphy's math.

The short version:
  • The studies done are not comparable because the questions asked were different (this is surveys 101, people)
  • Murphy's rape comparison ignores things counted as "sex not agreed to". Sounds like rape.
  • If you read values like Murphy, threats with a weapon actually went up.
Also of note - Murphy actually reached out to the author to say that the analysis was not hers, but Samantha Berg's.

So at some point, Murphy was actually made aware that the analysis was quite shallow.

The question is, did she know this only after writing her post about sex work, or does she continue to cite bogus numbers just to try to win fans?


  1. Meghan tweeted me about the authorship of that piece the same day that I wrote my critique of it. Her "no war on sex workers" column appeared some time afterward. So yes, she was fully aware of the deficiencies in the Sam Berg piece when she wrote that column.

  2. That is outrageous! Her talking points might be completely immune to the facts.