Monday, February 4, 2013

PZ criticizes free speech

In a recent post:

One of the points made in that discussion yesterday is sometimes the “trolls” are just people trying to make an argument contrary to our own, and that they should have a right to express themselves; I was also told that dismissing disagreement as stupid or wrong was a prejudicial value judgement.
I would agree that there certainly are boundary conditions where that might be true; we’re looking at a continuum, not a sharp black and white world, where one side is uniformly bright and stellar and the other is dark and dim. But even on a continuum there are extremes; sometimes one side really is stupid.
Free speech is not an automatic good. Stephanie Zvan has done a fabulous job of documenting the tactical mode of some of our opponents, the ones who claim to dwell in “a bastion of the most free of free speech”, where they are totally free to say whatever they like, and where the shoddy operations of their lazy, slimy brains are openly exposed for all to see. These are the people who think the argument “YOUR FAT AND UGLY” is cogent, and who think spicing it up with a photoshopped image makes it more persuasive.
There’s a reason I automatically ban those people. They’re assholes, as they demonstrate over and over again.

PZ Myers, a man guilty of host desecration, is taking time out of his day to say free speech has limits when someone on the internet photoshopped a picture of one of his girlfriend bloggers.

On what grounds can critics of Zvan and Myers be labeled stupid assholes?

It would seem that they are "assholes" because some of them use insulting words and engage in ridiculous theatrics in a forum, which then happened to make their opponents angry enough to document all of it in their blog.

Remind us of someone?

Perhaps one PZ Myers?

Stephanie Zvan pretty much turned her blog into a mirror of 4chan in an attempt to gather evidence of what is definitely not a crime. And if it were a crime, Myers and Zvan would themselves be in trouble.

When someone's Catholic grandmother picks up the paper to read that PZ Myers has essentially spat on the messiah, that is free speech.

When someone responds to Myers' and Zvan's insults (and they've insulted nearly everybody at this point) by making graven images of them or calling them ugly, that is crossing a line, doesn't deserve a response and shouldn't be tolerated in civil society.

But what else can we expect? We already knew the FTB crowd were hypocritical douchebags. (1 2 3 4... and the rest of this blog, really. Just keep reading.)

PZ and friends are people that honestly believe throwing Jesus in the trash is something people ought to just deal with, while the words "cunt" and "bitch" are literally doing violence to females.

Again, not so good with the logic.


  1. Funny how Zwan accuses people like me of "stalking" her when I only ever read her tripe second hand via places like this. She on the other hand scours the entire internet with a fine tooth comb looking for anything that can be construed as offence so she can drown her misery with a couple of jumbo frozen cheesecakes washed down with a diet coke. Seriously? What does she expect? When she does nothing other than quotemine and misrepresent, wrapping it with incoherent gibberish, there is no option remaining when discussing her other than ridicule.

    Steph, if you or one of your slugs read this, and without doubt you/they will, I have just three words for you - SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY.

  2. I end up reading most of their garbage arguments simply because I chose to read PZ's blog.

    He spams all the social network with his content - Facebook, Twitter, etc. Eventually everyone finds out about his cabal of 'feminists' and how 'elevatorgate' never truly ended.

    If anything, things have gotten worse and the cast of characters has widened. Everyone at FTB is more or less on board with whatever will placate a small set of individuals viewed as victims of a grand conspiracy that does not exist.