Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Reading Stephanie Zvan's blog

One can get so caught up with addressing the ridiculous assertions and arguments made by PZ Myers and Ophelia Benson that one forgets that some good content can exist on FreeThoughtBlogs.

It seems fair to call attention to a few posts by Stephanie Zvan - one is A Federal John DNA Database, in which she cites Melissa Gira Grant's article on the subject.

Zvan is generally critical of the notion that the ol' crush-the-clients mantra might not pay dividends.

Another great post is Nothing Changes When You Add Sex.

The article:
  • Is very level-headed
  • Does not draw ridiculous stereotypes of gender roles
  • Does not segue into a critique of vague social issues
  • Does not even remotely try to prescribe what is appropriate behavior in a hypothetical scenario
  • Does not drop the f-bomb
  • Is rather convincing

The rest of Zvan's work may or may not align with these descriptions. However it is clear that the Zvan put a lot of thought into the post and meant for it to be convincing instead of merely controversial.

This may be why Zvan does not have as many Twitter followers as Watson and PZ.

Now, if Zvan would apply the level of scrutiny she applies to DJ Grothe to a one Melody Hensley, we would have a winner.

Melody writes, in response to Radford:

Nice group of friends you have on your Facebook, Ben. Calling people that disagree with you ‘professional victims’. That’s what that anti-feminists and MRAs do. That’s what my harassers have done to me. Yet you don’t correct your friends. Your friends call us over-emotional and mock us. No, Ben… You wrote another horrible blog that many people would consider sexist and you won’t own up to it.
 Chill girls and sister punishers isn’t sexist, it’s calling out the sexism of other women 

If equitable, Zvan would reply as she did to DJ:
So yes, you, Melody, as Executive Director at Center for Inquiry-DC, have a problem. That problem is that you, Melody, insist on acting as a private individual in public matters.
Maybe not an exact map, but the result is more or less the same. Apparently JREF needs social media managers and publicists for a sober second thought to keep-in-the-crazy in order to avoid Zvan's criticism.

Meanwhile, those managing Women in Secularism can participate in whatever online drama they want to.

Fallout for the organization at large be damned.

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