Thursday, February 7, 2013

Second rate feminism versus Audi

Remember the Audi superbowl ad?

Turns out it was misogynist.

From Ophelia's blog:

Listen, I don’t think you’re an asshole who thinks it’s funny to do something that women find scary. You’ve been raised to think that this sort of stuff is all in good fun. Not by your parents necessarily, but by culture. You’ve grown up in a country where a Super Bowl commercial for Audi suggests that girls your age actually like it when a guy they don’t really know* grabs and forces a kiss on them. (Seriously—they won’t like this.) You’ve been raised in a culture that positions women as existing just for sex, for humiliation, for objectification.

* - more on "don't really know" later

Ophelia adds:

Well, yes, but also, one hopes, by people who know better and teach their sons better. Some have. I know lots of men who have! Or who at least learned better at some point, because they for sure know better now. But alas, there are lots of the other kind out there too.
Here is the commercial:

The Audi ad depicts the following:
  1. Boy drives Audi to prom
  2. Boy finds confidence to kiss prom queen
  3. Prom queen seemingly returns the favor
  4. Boy drives off with black eye, having been assaulted by the prom king
The feminists have made the following assumptions, in various forms in various threads:
  1. Prom queen and boy had no prior relationship (boy was somehow a perfect stranger)
  2. Prom king and queen were bonded in a sacrosanct manner
  3. That the prom queen wasn't in the car with him at the end proves that she did not consent
  4. That the kiss was a more egregious assault than the punch to the face
  5. Males don't actually understand that this is a work of fiction and not intended as a how-to video
Just bonkers.

And the "Why wasn't she in the car with him at the end?" question is especially ironic.

Maybe she felt intimidated by the prom king? This possibility should concern feminists.

Maybe she felt she needed to keep up appearances in her role as prom queen?

Perhaps she was being objectified at the prom and the kiss was from a soul mate that understood her true value as a person!


  1. Sigh. That ad isn't misogynistic at all. It's sweet and charming. ♡ I posted a couple of tweets to that effect a few days back: #1 and #2 (some responses to the tweets are viewable there, too). In my tweets, I linked to the ridiculous op-ed in The Philly Post that called the ad "rapey" (wtf?!).

    And here's the hilarious/ridiculous/lolzy part: I didn't "@" the author of the op-ed in either of my tweets (I had no idea who he was and didn't even consider taking the time to find/copy/paste/etc. his Twitter handle in there). And I didn't mention his name, the name of the op-ed, or even the name of the newspaper/website in either of my tweets. Yet, somehow, the author of the op-ed found & responded to my tweets anyway. o_0 This leads me to assume that he must have either been obsessively looking for tweets linking to his op-ed, or that he had "rapey" set as a Twitter saved search or something.

    So, the guy (he's @joelmmathis on Twitter) shows up and starts replying to my tweets in a really tedious & condescending & totally-missing-the-point kind of way (his responses can be seen under the "#2" tweet I linked to above). And he didn't even say something like "Oh hi, I'm the author of that op-ed you linked to"; instead, he just assumed that I would know who he was (I didn't, and it took me a few minutes to figure it out). It was *so* hilarious and weird, especially because I kept picturing the guy hitting "manual refresh" on a TweetDeck column for Saved Search "rapey" or something. It's bizarro-world, I tell you what (^‿^)

  2. Wow. Thanks for shedding light on how insane this Joel M really is.

    He's obviously willing to make any and all comparisons in order to get page views. Not very ethical journalism.

  3. Have you heard of the Affirmative Consent Standard, by Harry Brod Asking For It - The Ethics & Erotics of Sexual Consent

    This is what's being taught in colleges now. I wish we had more people from gender studies giving us first hand accounts of where all the bullshit is coming from.