Sunday, March 24, 2013

PZ makes Julian walk the plank

One "julian" seems to have picked up on the way EllenBeth Wachs was treated on the Pharyngula thread and voiced his discontent with the situation.

Comment 1284 by Julian:
Just read he first two pages. You guys are a bunch of callous assholes, you know that? How’s about not looking for an excuse to beat on someone for a change?
Comment 1285 by "Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls"

Now, what good would come from listening to abject fuckwittery. For example, folks who can’t grasp the concept that it doesn’t have to be overtly sexist to be considered sexual harassment? Be specific, or shut the fuck up.

Comment 1286 by Julian:
How’s about you contribute something to any thread besides your moronic rages and fits? And how’s about the rest of you stop deliberately misrepresnting people and going so ridiculously over the top when arguing with someone. God but you’re a bunch of hateful fucks.
and 1287:
I mean seriously, going out of your way to label Ellen Beth Wachs an anti-feminist, misogynistic chill girl? Declaring any conference she’s involved with garbage? You’re nothing but a pack of fucking thugs.
For the next several comments, people question Julian's motivations and call him a "worthless tone troll".

Comment 1293 by Julian:

Oh spare me. You know damn well you went over the fucking line. No wonder you guys never leave this place. You pull this shit every fucking time and then use whatever’s done to you all as an excuse to hurt people not even associated with the fight.

The next comment explains that Julian isn't a newbie, Julian has been a long active on Pharyngula...

Comment 1294 by "Caine, Fleur du mal"

If it’s the Julian I’m thinking of, they are a former Pharyngula commenter, or somewhat of one. Mostly stuck to the lounge. Ages ago, they decided we weren’t nice enough, so the routine complaining goes on all over the place.

Comment 1295 by Julian:

In this thread you fucked up. There’ no excuse for the ridiculous level you pushed that too.
Comment 1299 by Julian:
It’s not that you’re not nice, it’s that you go out of your way to be hateful, to be mean, t try and dehumanize people. The only thing you guys don’t do is use sexist or racist language. But that doesn’t make you any less hateful or cruel.
And jesus “EllenBethh is misogynistic chill girl, vying for male approval?” WTF?!

Comment 1301 by Julian:

Yeah and I remember all of you. I remember how none of you said anything to TLC when he was saying he’d smack bluharmony if she didn’t quit seeming so meek. I remember how you turned on Walton when he tried mellowing you all out. I remember how you treat each and every person who gets on the badside of one of you.
You are not a compassionate group of people. You are hateful, bitter and cruel. I came here thinking this was just the slympit exaggerating shit to drum up hate against you guys. I see they’re exactly right. God damn, fucking fix yourselves.

The next comment accuses Julian of supporting "rape culture" by defending EllenBeth Wachs...

Comment 1302 by user "Tony! The Lonely Queer Shoop"

You are the one out of line, defending rape culture apologists like you are.
Comment 1306 by Julian:

Yes. That’s exactly what I’m doing. Totally lol
You’re all so amazingly insightful. Obviously I can’t hope to hang here.

Now the Pharyngula crowd take his accusation that they "turned on" a person named Walton...

Comment 1311 by Julian:

This another thing you all constantly do. If someone says one thing, you guys subsitute something else.
I said ‘turned on.’
You substituted ‘chased away’ in place of it.
You guys don’t do honesty very well do you?

Comment 1313 by Julian:

How many people have to point out the same complaint before you guys take it seriously?

This quip was especially funny, as EllenBeth Wachs was accused for not taking complaints seriously at conferences. Apparently Pharyngula fans believe that EBW couldn't be trusted to act on a complaint, so the real place all one's complaints should go is Twitter.

Comment 1315 by Julian:

I see the usual suspects are back to rewrite history. 
Good bye. Hope you all get over yourselves. 
After this stunt I think you’ve lost even more people willing to assume the best from you guys. :/

Finally now there seems to be a PZ fan that is actually somewhat remorseful and measured.

Comment 1322 by SallyStrange:
Yup, that’s why NOBODY, not me, not Chris Clarke, not Stacy nor Janine nor anybody else tried to get folks to dial back the rhetoric against her. Because we’re ALL horrible people in our hivemind groupthink thingy here.
*rolls eyes*
Translation : "SallyStrange and two of her friends thought calling EllenBeth Wachs a rape apologist was a bit too strong! Ergo, Pharyngula is free-thinking!"

Post 1337 comes from PZ Myers himself:
>I came here thinking this was just the slympit exaggerating shit to drum up hate against you guys. 
Wait, you came here from the slymepit to complain that we are too abusive? Are you stoned out of your mind? Please, tell me, what kinds of things have the ‘pitters said about her? Because I recall long, tedious periods of abuse of “EllenBethWacko” and other such names on the #FtBullies hashtag…which apparently are all forgotten now that some people here were angry with her. 
For the record, I consider EllenBeth Wachs a friend and positive contributor to the cause of atheism and humanism and to feminism. I think she was wrong here — she was thinking too much as a conference organizer, and not enough as a minority fighting for respect — but that the reactions here were far too heated to be useful. 
However, I also knew that this thread would end up a long one, with lots of hot tempers, and an influx of morons, and I made a conscious decision early on to let it burn on. That’s how Matthew Best managed to be left alone for so long. Perhaps you didn’t notice, but ALL sides were allowed to rage on here unchecked. And now, of course, the Brave Heroes of FreezePeach are all squawking. Am I supposed to tell people how to express themselves? Or not? 
However, the confession that you’re a slymepitter breaks one of my absolute rules. Bye. Don’t bother coming back, hypocrite.

Comment 1340 by "hyperdeath" tries to set the record straight:
Julian isn’t a Slymepitter.
Comment 1341 by "Caine, Fleur du mal" is essentially "well he shouldn't have disagreed with us!"
I expect he shouldn’t have brought them up or mentioned how he thought they were right.

UPDATE: New news via Twitter!

Julian claims he's never set foot in the SlymePit, PZ replies:
I quoted you saying you had! RT @JlnFrancisco: I'v never set foot in the slympit.
And PZ then adds:
.@hyperdeath128k @JlnFrancisco If he wants to explain why he was babbling about the contents of the slymepit, I'll reconsider.
So apparently PZ can't even understand an example! Julian compared the comment thread to some absurdity concocted by PZ's critics, but the point just goes in one ear and out the other.

Maybe this explains why PZ isn't more productive on the science front.

Must everyone be reminded that this is "FreeThought" Blogs?

Remember the following things:

  1. Julian never said he was from the slymepit
  2. PZ Myers has a problem with reading comprehension
  3. PZ Myers has his finger on the ban button - in a thread with over a thousand comments, a grand total of perhaps 10 comments ultimately led to a ban
  4. Other users of the site stated Julian wasn't a slymepit member
  5. Somehow it is in no way acceptable on a "freethought" blog to disagree with PZ Myers for any considerable length of time
Keep cannibalizing your fans, PZ!


  1. "a grand total of perhaps 10 comments (by julian) ultimately led to a ban"

    I beat the crap out of that record...I was banned for ONE comment. #255, to be specific. Which makes it all the more ridiculous that PZ says in #1337:

    "Perhaps you didn’t notice, but ALL sides were allowed to rage on here unchecked."

    When will UMinn start wondering what it pays him for?

  2. Hey, any idea what Julian meant when he referred to them turning on Walton when he tried to mellow them out? Links would be great if you've gotem