Sunday, March 24, 2013

PZ tries to criticize Ars Technica

Calling Ars' response to donglegate (more info here, here and here) a "lazy editorial", PZ Myers tries to pick it to pieces.

Here is his attempt:
Ars: "mentality is thankfully no longer acceptable in tech, but it’s still common—some people have actually described tech to me as “men’s work.”"
It’s no longer acceptable, but it’s common? Huh. Somebody didn’t think about what they were writing. We’ll just announce that the problem is nonexistent, while sweeping the reality of the situation aside.
Yes, PZ, unacceptable things can be common.

Examples: littering, jaywalking, making sexual jokes in public.

Hell, littering is illegal but still common.
I think we all agree 100% that no one ought to have been fired over this incident.
And we also agree 100% that nobody should receive rape or death threats. But does PZ have enough class to mention that?


Was it something to be ashamed of, or not? Was it a horrible, embarrassing thing to publicize, or was it a “relatively minor issue”? You don’t get to have it both ways. Either it was too damaging to make public, or it was a slight affront that shouldn’t seriously affect any of the participants — it was a minute impropriety that was perfectly reasonable to mention on a casual, conversational medium like Twitter.
 This just in: PZ Myers thinks it's OK to post nip-slips on Twitter.

Cause you know, Twitter is a causal place, nipples aren't a big deal, how could it be damaging?
It’s only hyperbole if you misinterpret it. No, I doubt Richards thought these two guys were going to run up on the stage and slap awards off the podium and denounce the young girl being recognized. Richards was referring to a culture that considers those kinds of off-color remarks reasonable in a professional setting. Remember, “it’s still common”. That is what inhibits women from participating in these opportunities.
Actually it is hyperbole and it is exaggeration to think that tweeting some photo is going to solve the cultural problem.

How crazy out of your mind to you need to be to identify a cultural problem, and insert yourself into a narrative where you are the person to fix it, then and there?

You'd have to be Joan of Arc crazy:
"As an advocate for digital equality, my actions today at #pycon made me feel like Joan of Arc, minus the visions"
This is the feminist equivalent of invading Iraq and believing everybody will just magically be better.
But unwanted sexual innuendo doesn’t? Both men and women make jokes about sex, of course, and there’s a tricky line to be drawn between what’s appropriate and what isn’t
Yes, we know there is a line PZ, and you spend your days "randomly ejaculating" all over it.
But you know, the latter is almost as bad as the former. It’s the privilege of the majority to use politeness to maintain the status quo, while it’s a necessity for the minority to assert the right to offend.
How about the right to libel, PZ?

Next time you desecrate a host wafer, PZ, please do us all a favor and suggest on Twitter that the priest of your local parish abuses children.

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