Monday, March 4, 2013

Why all the bad language?

Two well-meaning people have picked up the baton for feminism and are eager to show how bad the "anti-fems" are.

Michael Nugent attempts to document the "nasty pushback" at the "SlymePit" forum.

The list compiled orbits use of the "c-word" applied to specific "feminist" females.

Additionally Eric MacDonald, a friend of PZ, has added his own two cents about language.

The opening salvo:
I have been following — at a distance — the dispiriting farrago of abuse and obscenity aimed at feminist atheists and their supporters. All the completely contemptuous remarks and stultifyingly offensive use of scatological and twatological language to try to get women freethinkers and sceptics to shut the fuck up.
A pointed question:
Why do people think, just because you can throw insults at people from a distance, that it is an appropriate thing to do?

And then a tangent:
One thing that does concern me about all this is that Michael Shermer seems to have lost the plot. He said something stupid. Ophelia Benson called him on it. But instead of simply saying, “Sorry,” and left it at that, he just had to go into a long rigmarole – he couldn’t help it, I guess — a male tic, apparently – that has a tendency to defend what he said, suggest that it was simply said as a matter of routine, because that’s the way it was when, and then pillory Ophelia for calling him on it in the first place. It makes no sense to me. Let’s get this quite straight, shall we? Women play as important a role in the freethought movement as men. [...] In the wider society sexual harassment and assault are still the norm, so, of course, we expect the odd reactionary yahoo amongst nonbelievers too.

And then a comment on Eric's post from one "makagutu"
Any one who must resort to use of abusive language does not need to engage with the public.
To which Eric responds: 
Precisely! That’s why I have steered clear of this topic, thinking that this kind of idiocy would just fade away.
Now, this crowd is accustomed to thinking, just What Would PZ Myers Do?

The answer - put words in your mouth.

PZ tweets:
Degrade them as cunts & bitches, like your bunch do, instead? RT @16bitheretic: idea: not having #wiscfi women degrade other women as tokens
 Classy as always.

Questions for these "can't we use nicer language?" folks:
  1. How do you feel about Ophelia Benson telling "them all" to "fuck off"?
  2. How do you feel about Atheism+'s profane dismissal of other feminists?
  3. How do you feel about Rebecca Watson calling a man an "angry virgin"?
  4. How do you feel about PZ Myers having a category called "fuckbrained assholes"?
  5. Do you share a favorite word with the Atheism+ forums?
  6. Do you think you can just take it for granted your critics support using the c-word, imply they are racist, or imply they are serial killers?
  7. Is calling someone a "sexist", "misogynist" an insult or do you get to just throw these accusations around?
  8. Do you mean to suggest Michael Shermer actually thinks women are less important than men? Are you suggesting that he is a "reactionary yahoo"?

It seems quite clear that this is the same old "feminist" tribalism we've seen for years now.

If you're hanging with the cool kids, you can troll Twitter. You can call people misogynists on your blog. You can suggest people like Richard Dawkins are sexist. 

You may drop f-bombs left and right. You can even suggest the other team (that you've created in your mind) supports a "rape culture"!

Also you may address critics as "your bunch" even if many of them would not dream to use slurs to describe you.

Then, when someone calls you a c-word, b-word, or calls you fat, suddenly a line is crossed. A decorum that never existed is somehow lost. 

How tiresome.

One final question.

Sylvia Browne. Phyllis Schafly. Shirley Phelps-Roper.

Pick a word that best describes them.

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  1. They bitch about words, while carrying out real world ACTIONS that are discriminatory against men.. such as the 'We will raise money (from both men and women) to send wimmin only to TAM' for years now.. WHY? Yeah.. the Patriarchy.. the story using which many men are sent into kafka-trap of guilt while women-favouring laws and policies are put into place one after the other in the wider world.