Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Feminists threaten to kill their critics

Many words have been spilled about Twitter user and blogger 'ElevatorGate'.

Essentially ElevatorGate's largest crime is putting tweets of feminists on a service called 'Storify' which makes it easier to digest conversations that are happening on Twitter.

Enough people made noise about ElevatorGate's Twitter account that the account was suspended.

Oddly enough, now that the account is suspended ElevatorGate is living posthumously on Twitter.

ElevatorGate has been accused of additional crimes:

So the internet vigilantes are already called out to help crush ElevatorGate, all without needing to provide any evidence of a doxxing.

@elevatorgate continues to be mentioned even though the account is a dead end:

Perhaps some of the flame remains as ElevatorGate's Storify account and Wordpress blog remain up.

Why are all the "feminists" saying Storify is a tool of harassment?

Because they had to endure receiving emails.


Here we have people that are tweeting hundreds of times a day that are having their tweets mirrored on Storify conversations by ElevatorGate.

Basically the core of the "stalking" argument is the following two datapoints:
  1. ElevatorGate mirrored a lot of public tweets. 
  2. Storify had the audacity to send them an email notification about it.
That's about it. 

It starts and ends there.

What is on Storify does not differ considerably from the contents of this article - users do not need Storify to embed tweets on their own website.

Referencing the evidence, ElevatorGate did not:
  1. Obsessively follow people to other social networks
  2. Make threatening statements
  3. Dox the people in the Storify conversations
So why did ElevatorGate get suspended?

A few possibilities:
  1. ElevatorGate sometimes '@' mentioned those that had blocked him
  2. ElevatorGate was probably blocked/reported by a large number of people (some of these blocks due to Atheism+'s Block Bot)
  3. ElevatorGate's tweets could be construed by some ultra-politically-correct type as misogynistic (e.g. "mangina" was used in tweets)
  4. Twitter simply got tired of reports and put the account on ice

Indeed, Twitter may have found a terms of service violation.

However this is entirely different from stalking.

If one is to believe ElevatorGate was a stalker, a few questions arise.

Just who did ElevatorGate like the most?

Typically if someone is going to be found to be a criminal stalker or harasser, they would demonstrate a strange focus on one individual. 

ElevatorGate was entirely non-discriminatory. There is no race, gender or religion that isn't represented in ElevatorGate's Storify account. 

To say that ElevatorGate was intimately obsessed with and threatening all of these individuals is absolutely absurd.  

It would seem that it strokes the ego to believe one is being stalked over being mocked. 

One might not be a hot shot at work or in any given social circle, but once one logs into Twitter one faces all the problems of famous people! Indeed, look at all the stalkers that care about you!

The fact of the matter is that everyone is stalked by random strangers.

They're called followers.

Back to what the "feminists" are going to do with this "stalker".

The first order of business? Finding ElevatorGate:

What is step two?


Of course, the social justice warriors read "cyberassassin" very charitably (apparently it was all one big joke) and did actually put up the Kickstarter page.

And then there are these "feminists" upset with Thunderf00t:
Recall that when "feminists" are faced with a rape threat, doxxing or DDOS attack, it's always the following things (apparently):

  1. Real
  2. Frightening 
  3. Silencing
  4. Misogynist rape culture
  5. Supported by all their critics
Now, when the "feminists" are found round the bend, how do the social justice warriors respond?

With belly laughter, of course! Followed by more false allegations of wrongdoing.

What could possibly go wrong?


  1. False rape allegations, now murder threats.

    Of course, the fems will still be victims even when they have someone murdered.

    Hopefully the FBI have been notified of this.

  2. That twit tweeted: I need ID on EG. It's really important. I know a lot of Anon follow me. I need your help here. Please.

    LOL She should post that where Anons hang out... like one of the chans of an Anon message board. I don't think the response would be to her liking.

    That is unless she likes displaying images of her bare chest.

    Cheers, Sman

  3. Of course it's only joking with them, they could no more manage a murder than they could get a real job. But be careful, you'll bring up the horrible sexist ratio of men assassins to women assassins.

  4. Sophia Banks is MTF trans, not a woman.