Saturday, January 9, 2016

Exploiting Sexual Assault

On New Years Eve a number of women in Cologne reported being sexually assaulted. A number of reports claimed that many of the assailants were immigrants or not German nationals, a claim that at this point seems to be confirmed by police:

The 31 people linked to the violence in a police report include nine Algerians, eight Moroccans, five Iranians and four Syrians, said an Interior Ministry spokesman, Tobias Plate. Two Germans, an Iraqi, a Serb and a United States citizen were also among those linked to crimes that night, Mr. Plate said.
He said that a vast majority of the 32 criminal acts documented by the federal police on the night had been linked to theft and bodily injury. Three were related to sexual assaults, but the police had no names of suspects tied to those acts, Mr. Plate said.

The crimes documented are a small subset of the crimes reported:

About 170 people have now filed criminal complaints, about 120 of them relating to sexual assault, linked to the New Year’s Eve episode in Cologne, according to a police spokesman in the city. A federal police report leaked to the German news media and confirmed as genuine by the Interior Ministry indicated that at least some young men, including asylum applicants, had planned in advance to meet around the Cologne railway station, where much of the violence is said to have occurred, on Dec. 31.

The reaction all political stances has been very predictable. However the rather amusing part (if anything can be amusing) is the sheer number of "progressives" that suddenly need every report of sexual assault to be backed up by solid evidence - throwing out the narratives surrounding "believing survivors" that has been built over the past several years.

An author of a piece in Al-Jazeera called the reaction exploitation of sexual assault to fuel an Islamophobic agenda:

Laurie Penny claimed that people are only pretending to care about women's rights just to give them cover to "bash Muslims":

The claim that sexual assault in Cologne is being exploited to support Islamophobia is very strange, as to date there are many different ways people already "exploit" sexual assault.

People currently exploit sexual assault in order to:

  • Gain more readers for Rolling Stone 
  • Call for an end to the entire Greek life system 
  • Collect course credit
  • Bash political opponents such as Tories/Republicans/libertarians/critics that are dismissed as "hyperskeptical" misogynists
  • Smear people and steal the limelight by publishing anonymous allegations on one's blog

If this exploitation of sexual assault wasn't bad enough, consider the other dramas that the "progressive" "feminist" hivemind wastes its time on. When it isn't busy criticizing inappropriate shirts and dongle jokes shared in private, it is concerned with the gender balance of editors at a videogame magazine:

(This particular escapade managed to annoy the women working at IGN)

"Social justice" activists literally believe that a bad joke should render one unemployable and an unproven allegation of assault should exile one from higher education forever. A publisher's worth can be directly measured by how many female editors it has on staff.

At the same time, no tragedy can happen that would budge their belief in the most laissez-faire immigration policy. Open doors for all, as the dogma is that no problem exists that cannot be solved by moving poor people into wealthy countries. People will magically become happy, self-sufficient and unfailingly tolerant by simply being adjacent to a model of success that would be dismissed as colonialist and western to a fault on any other day of the "social justice" week.

Apparently "safe spaces" applies to campuses and not countries. National borders are to be some sort of bubble of privilege that must be popped, while the Play-Doh room at one's university is a sacred ground that must not be invaded by provocative punchlines.

But be sure to not fingerpaint the prophet, kids!

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